Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rezoning resistance at City Council

From the Times Ledger:

A landlord seeking to usher in two residential developments by rezoning a Ridgewood strip has days to woo the City Council amid resistance from the local legislator.

The Woodward Avenue rezoning proposal was slated to go before the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises Aug. 18, before eventually making its way to the Land Use Committee and full Council.

Lawmakers have traditionally deferred to the legislator who represents the area in question — in this case Councilman Antonio Reynoso (D-Brooklyn).

Reynoso did not return requests for comment, but he has fought authorizing residential projects in the manufacturing zone during several stages of the city’s review, arguing newcomers may price out residents and businesses that offer higher-paying jobs than typical retail establishments.

Ridgewood has been divided over the bid to reclassify a three-block strip bounded by Starr Street and Flushing, Woodward and Onderdonk avenues to permit an 88-unit residence at 176 Woodward Ave. and a second eight-unit building near Woodward Avenue and Starr Street.

Some argued the rents described by developers — with studios going for about $1,000 and two-bedroom apartments renting for up to $1,800 a month — would not be affordable to most in Ridgewood and invite an influx of young, wealthier inhabitants.

Others said the project would improve an area mostly used for vehicle storage that has become a haven for crime.

Community Board 5, Borough President Melinda Katz and the city Planning Commission have all approved the rezoning.

This area is a complete dump, and a good part of the reason is because of the people that live there. We're talking prostitution, shootings, drug dealing, etc. This may be one time when a rezoning/gentrification actually benefits the people already living there because it will force the dirtbags out. Does Reynoso love dirtbags?

I actually sent photos of this very site to Miss Heather awhile back.


Anonymous said...

i'd rather see manufacturing jobs than luxury housing.

Queens Crapper said...

I'd rather see manufacturing too, but the lot is surrounded by housing and is in an M1 zone which basically means you're getting a warehouse or truck parking.

Anonymous said...

Young, wealthy inhabitants... aka liberals born with a silverspoon up their ass. There is not alot of regular people left in NYC. Us "actual new yorkers" were Sold out to foreigners, yuppies and illegals.

Anonymous said...

Not all poor people are "dirtbags". I'm all for getting rid of the criminal element, but where are the rest of the people supposed to go? To a former hotel turned homeless shelter in another community? Why not just clean up the crime and keep the area affordable for the people that live there?

Anonymous said...

"Why not just clean up the crime and keep the area affordable for the people that live there?"

Because liberals hate cops more than they hate gentrification.

Anonymous said...

You could put a cop on every corner of Ridgewood 24x7 and there still would be crime and a terrible quality of life because of the people who live there.

It's one of the many places in the city where people dream to have the money to be able to move out.

A Liberal said...

Anon No. 5:

We do?