Friday, August 15, 2014

Parkway sold for $1M at auction

From the Times Ledger:

A Rego Park-based realty company seized the shuttered Parkway Hospital property with a $1 million bid during a foreclosure auction in Queens Civil Court last Friday.

The same firm, Auberge Grand Central Limited Liability Company, purchased the defunct hospital’s mortgages for $6.5 million in 2012 and then had a firm assess the 56,400-square-foot lot’s market rate at $6 million, court documents show.

After emerging from a brief bidding war, a representative from Auberge Grand Central said he was contractually prevented from discussing plans for the property.

The firm previously said it wanted to transform the six-story building into condominiums through a partnership with Jasper Venture Group LLC.


Anonymous said...

Let's keep a very close eye on this.

Anonymous said...

Did deSleazio or MMV orchestrate this?

Is is a giveaway to one of their "friends"?

Those two just ooze corruption and sleaziness!

Anonymous said...

How many affordable units will be in this development?

Anonymous said...

The city will buy it for $2million and turn it into a homeless shelter!

Anonymous said...

I can place a bet on this that it will be a "Homeless Shelter" you wait and see --