Thursday, August 14, 2014

Street light danger in Woodside

"I'm writing to report a dangerous condition on 61st Street in Woodside, across the street from my office.

There is a street light dangling from an electrical wire in front of 37-09 61st St.

My co-worker made a report to 311 already and was told it might take weeks to fix the problem. This is a block that has a decent amount of
pedestrian traffic from the subway and we also have many rambling trucks down this street. We're worried that someone is going to get hurt in the meantime.

If there is anything you can do to expedite the fixing of this streetlight, we'd appreciate it.

I have attached a photo for your reference." - anonymous

I am sure this situation will be corrected posthaste.


Anonymous said...

Everything in Queens is left dangling.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy only takes care of dreamland for the trustifarians living next to a trainyard.

Watch, he will want to shut down the el and the bridge traffic once Queens Plaza is ringed by dorms which will contain all the noise.

Joe Moretti said...

They should leave it as is. Symbolizes Queens and Queens politics, BROKEN.

Anonymous said...

It's OK....NYC needs another law suit on their hands. We are only 315 billion dollars and counting in debt! Speaking of debt I wonder who is footing the bill for Cuomo to go to Israel?

Mike Francesa said...

They'll tell you that they'll send someone to check on it. You won't receive a response. When you call back they'll tell you they checked and there was no imminent danger.

Anonymous said...

Con Edison Electric Hotline 800-752-6633

agents available at all times

Anonymous said...

The highway lighting on 278 from the foot of the Triborough to Steinway st has been out for years. Calls to 311. The community board and the local councilman have proved futile. This city sucks!

Anonymous said...

The DOT has jurisdiction over street lights. call them.

Is this across from the Playbill office? and down the block from the Korean Church with the horrible neon cross?