Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Watch Tony Avella & John Liu speak

Candidates Forum held August 19, 2014 for New York State Senate, District 11. Copyright 2014 LoScalzo Media Design LLC. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

I only got 3 minutes in with John-shit-on-my-shoe-Liu but it was hysterical~!

Of COURSE he's a Chinese Dictatorship sympathizer, and of COURSE his aide as Councilor is a huge fan of North Korea.

Every person who votes for Liu is a traitor, a crook, or a moron in my view.

I used to ask him to just go away but I've changed my tune. He now provides my with a ton of amusement and I hope he continues to do so.

Anonymous said...

Mouthes move, gas escapes, what's new

Anonymous said...

who was the commie sympathizer ,I believe Chu, who Liu fired from the nyc comptoller's staff ?
are they fellow travelers of the Mao Marxist (apparatchik gang ?

read Witness ,Whitticare Chambers.

turncoat cpusa (gpu) (secret soviet spy). he turned to God ,the nemesis of ungodly Marxist/maoists

Anonymous said...

YES (I am poster # 1) I was referring to John Choe who told a conference on the Global struggle FOR Socialism in 2006 that North Korea "is at the front line of the liberation struggles against imperialism.

Now in my humble opinion you need to be literally mentally retarded to think that but John Liu aide John Choe apparently does think that.

John fired him as a staff member for him at City Council, then quietly re-hired him, four days after taking over as comptroller in 2010.

Liu gave Choe a $105,000-a-year job of director of policy and research.

Tell me John Liu is not a sympathizer for the dictatorships in China and North Korea and I'll tell you that you have the intellect of John Choe.

Unknown said...

Anon No. 3:

Is Whitticare Chambers any relation to Whittaker Chambers?

And most of the guys running the CPUSA were undercover FBI agents, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wont be voting or trusting any democrat's ever again.
I don't care who they are. Avella included as long as he remains on the enemy party out to destroy the country.

georgetheatheist said...

In the John Liu video (Part 3), who's the big bald guy (00:15-00:29) with the beard who crumpled up the protest sign? His cohorts look like motorcycle gang members. Union thugs?

Anonymous said...

I believe the "thugs," as the above commenter called them, were electrical engineer union members, brought in by the Liu campaign as enforcers. In addition to crumpling the protest banner, another of these enforcers confiscated a white protest sign from a woman along the wall (also visible in the video, later). No police or hotel security were on site.

If Liu is gets elected and these protests follow him and continue, that will be the face of Senate District 11.

Anonymous said...

the following words are stated in the official website of the NYCDept. of Parks & Recreation,Sept. 30,2007.
"A Queens Park Remembers the Korean War"
"Between June 25, 1950 and July 1953,confict raged after N.Korea backed by the Soviet Union, invaded S.Korea, a U.S.ally"

no where in the official letter is the fact that these enemies were Communist Marxist/Maoists.

the fact that the Chinese communists sent over 1 million troops to fight with the other communists is omitted.

Councilman John Liu 's name is mentioned five times in the letter. politicians must have PR.

why is not these communist ,especially Chinese communist, facts written about and engraved on the Korean War Memorial Statue.?

should not the future generations who visit, know the real facts of this communist Stalinist ordered proxy war .engrave it on the memorial now.

to verify that 37,000 U.S. were K.I.A., by these communists see Wikipedia ,the Korean war , or read the Venona Secrets by Stanton.

to the Asians : do not vote for a person for ethnic reasons only.
do not be indoctrinated into dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely...Chambers real name was VIVIAN. His mom's maiden name was Whitticare/Whittiker.

He grew up in Lynbrook L.I.. his brother committed suicide.

as many GPU,Soviet spy Underground ,he had numerous first names and some last names.

read his book. it is a bible for those present and future anti-Americans ,what ever their new names and organizations are.

they do not like the word communist, but they still exist .watch MSNBC,CNN,Al Jazzera and the MSM.and read the Queens weekies

georgetheatheist said...

How much was did that sign/banner cost the protesters? $100-$200-$300?. Seems like the smirking bald bearded guy was destroying private property.

Anonymous said...

#3 please prove that the cpusa was run by the FBI?

according to chambers'book "WITNESS" after 400 pages that I read, the Marxist (APPARATUS/APPARATCHIKS) agents were in control of either the GPU(soviet underground spy agents in the U.S.,as well as the cpusa above ground.

in 1934-1948 the number of soviet espionage spys in high level positions in the FDR administration was a disaster awaiting the American citizens and the world. they caused the Marxist takeover of china and the eastern bloc Marxist countries in Europe.

read venona ,Harvey klehr & blacklisting of America,stanton evans.

in 1953, in nyc the" teachers union "had 50 communist who were card carrying sympathizers
fired,resigned, retired, after bein exposed by an NYPD undercover female detective who posed as a hardline Marxist.she testified in court. the Feinberg law was in effect then. it was deemed unconstitutional in the 1960's on a technicality.

name some of the FBI (communists in charge ,if you can ?