Saturday, August 30, 2014

Overdevelopment headed to the Bronx

From DNA Info:

The Department of City Planning would like to see waterfront development come to the areas around some Metro-North stations as part of a plan to foster economic growth and accommodate a booming population in the borough, according to a new report.

In the study, which focused on improving underused areas around the stations as well as better integrating them into the community, the department advocated redeveloping the waterfront by the University Heights and Morris Heights stations to help people more easily reach the Harlem River.

Many of the Metro-North stations in the Bronx have underutilized areas around them or are next to recreational areas that are cut off from the rest of the community by highways and other obstructions. They also are underutilized despite being in densely populated areas, compared to the subway, the report said.

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Anonymous said...

New Haven trains only stop at Fordham, and they won't let people get on heading to GC. Going the other way you can't pay for a ticket from GC to Fordham on a New Haven train. This is due to the operating agreement with CDOT.

Some Harlem line trains stop in the Bronx at least, but Melrose gets service at 723,757,820,851,1047,1244,(PM)244,440,536,642,844,1044. That's all the GC bound trains all day. If you walk not much more than a half mile you're at Yankee stadium and you can get more than that many trains in an hour.

Hudson trains? At University heights you can get on a GC bound train at
610,639,709,730,753,817,903,928. Another 26 trains go by in that time without stopping.

Low frequency high priced service and trains that stop at irregular times?

You want to set up little high density developments around MNR or LIRR stations? Yea you could put together nice neighborhoods, but if you want them anchored by the commuter rail line the trains will have to stop much more often, and you need to be able to get to the stations conveniently (a highway doesn't help with that), and you need to lower the price to for in city travel and maybe offer free transfers to the rest of the bus and subway network if this isn't a luxury development. Morris and University need a fair bit of work for that.