Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bickering over Skyview Parc

From the NY Post:

Muss Development, a joint-venture partner with Onex Real Estate Partners, is putting giant Sky View’s unbuilt, second residential phase up for sale.

Muss is expected to put out a formal offering this week via Massey Knakal for development rights to Sky View Parc’s second trio of condo towers. The three additional towers, totaling 650,000 square feet, are planned to rise atop the complex’s 800,000 square-foot Skyview Center retail base, which is nearly 100 percent leased to stores including Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, Target and Best Buy.

“We have been retained by Muss to sell development rights to Phase 2,” Massey Knakal principal Robert Knakal told us.

However, Muss’ move seemed to take its partner by surprise.

Onex Real Estate Partners CEO Michael S. Dana, in consultation with his lawyer, Fried Frank real estate Chairman Jonathan Mechanic, told us: “Phase 1 turned out to be a tremendous success. We’re 100 percent committed to Flushing and to the second phase. We believe it will be even more successful than Phase 1.”

Dana said due to confidentiality rules, he could not comment on Muss’ action. But, “Onex is committed to proceeding to build phase 2” and hoped to begin construction in November.

Whatever’s going on between the partners, the Muss move is the latest twist in the project’s long and complicated history.


Anonymous said...

What a dump!

Anonymous said...

What is this, like Del Boca Vista already? Get me Morty, Sy , Jack Klompus and Izzy Mandelbaum so we can hit the Rascal House for the Early Bird before they run out of onion ro
Ec Newell Man — Long gone are the days of the Iron Lady leading a nation, …

We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...

This is the FILTHIEST shopping center that I have ever seen! I keep writing to BJs that they should maintain their facilities.

I stopped going there in favor of the 20th Ave location.

The garbage in the parking lot rivals anything Joe Moretti can produce from Jamaica.

It's really, really bad - piled up garbage and pools of fetid, stinking water.

It really goes to show the caliber of people that live and shop there. To quote Joe it's 100% "Third World Ghetto!"

Anonymous said...

1. When it comes to "Skyview Parc" how pretentious it is to misspell "Park".

2. The word "luxury" should always be in ironic quotes referring to this project.

3. How Steve Cuozzo could call this "successful" is a mystery in itself.

Anonymous said...

Rip the place down and start over again.

Anonymous said...

Let's play a game.

Who can name the community board 7 member who works at Muss?

Your prize

Seeing thru the fraud before others.

Mike Francesa said...

Not surprising. It looks acceptable in this photo, just acceptable not amazing and far below average for a "waterfront" property, but go down either Roosevelt, College Point or that other side street with the parking lot and loading docks into the shopping center and you can tell the area is a dump. Hell, look across the street and you see can see the projects full of blacks and illegals.