Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lawsuit over 2022 redistricting

From Epoch Times/AP:

A government watchdog group is challenging the wording of a ballot question on redistricting, saying the referendum on this fall’s ballot is deceptive.

Common Cause-New York announced the lawsuit Tuesday. The organization is one of several that have criticized the ballot question, which will ask voters to authorize a new commission to handle redistricting beginning in 2022. That’s the next time the state’s political districts will be redrawn to account for population changes.

The referendum says the commission will be independent, even though top lawmakers would pick eight of its 10 members, and the Legislature would have the power to reject any commission proposal it didn’t like.

Common Cause Executive Director Susan Lerner, a plaintiff in the suit, says the proposition is misleading and should be rejected.


Anonymous said...

Come on! did you really think that Albany would allow a truly independent commission to be set up?

Anonymous said... think they are going to just give that power away

Anonymous said...

Oh! The hypocrisy of it all. It's always fun to watch people talking about non-partisan reform reveal how they are seeking partisan advantage.

Anonymous said...

Its all depends on the voters. We need something to educate the public on their rights and duties.

Anyone ready to ask Honest Joe Crowley to tear himself away from the lines to flood our communities with illegals and make an effort to educate us in the responsibilities of being a citizen?