Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Derelict vehicle can't get any attention

"I am writing in regards to a green Ford Taurus near Mobil Gas at 67-20 Main Street (between the gas station and the cemetery). This smashed up car has been parked in the same spot for over two years and never moves! I have called 311 several times and the response after the police go there is always "tires chalked" or "car is registered". Per NYC traffic rules 4-08(m)9, parking a vehicle in excess of seven days is prohibited. Still it is never towed.
Please post this on your site. If you complain as well and you can check back at the location every week and the car will still be there and not towed or moved." - anonymous
According to NYC Finance, this car has 1 outstanding ticket.
Service Request #: C1-1-986004781
Date Submitted: 06/30/14 6:30:21 AM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.


"I wrote to you about a derelict vehicle near 67-20 main street which you posted for me. The car still hasn't moved. I have called 311 numerous more times on the following
dates and service requests numbers.







As of today, the 107 pct still isn't towing it even though they see it never moves in violation of 4-08(m)9, which prohibits parking a vehicle in excess of seven days."


Anonymous said...

It would appear the vehicle has New York plates. If that is correct, what are the expiration dates of the registration and yearly inspection stickers?

If the vehicle truly has not moved for as long as has been claimed, then the inspection sticker (at the very least) is now expired. This would allow the vehicle to receive ticket after ticket. The mounting fines might then motivate the owner to show up and do something.

If you call the local police precinct directly on their non-emergency number and explain this, then having them repeatedly ticket this thing is a possibility although you will likely have to be very persistent.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

If you call the local police precinct directly on their non-emergency number and explain this, then having them repeatedly ticket this thing is a possibility although you will likely have to be very persistent.

Good luck.


Eh? What? If you want to displace a block with a development project you would have enough electeds involved to pass legislation.

Call your councilman on this and let crappy and the press know their reaction or lack thereof.'

You pay taxes not to play government. Your role is to see that government does its job by going after those whose has the responsibility to see the community is being taken care of.

Anonymous said...

We've found a two-pronged approach effective:

-go to your precinct's community meeting (none now 'til Sept, probably). You can connect with the Community Affairs officer, and others - having names and business cards, as well as putting the complaint in the meeting minutes, usually resolves intractable problems.

-now, don't laugh, but the Local Area Committee for the community board can also be helpful...

Anonymous said...

If the car has up to date registration & inspection, and is moved for alt side, there is no problem. If there is no alt side on this block and the car is up to date on inspection & registration, again, there is no crime other than bad taste in car ownership.

In my 'hood we had a 70s Ford - really beat up looking. But all it's paperwork was up to date, and a little old lady used it once a week (on alt side day) to go do her shopping.

For all we know, the owner of this car is in the same boat.

I find it extremely hard to believe that this car's paperwork is not up to snuff and that it hasn't moved in 2 years. NYPD has people checking inspection stickers, etc ALL THE TIME. My inspection was once 2 days overdue, and I got a ticket for it - at 5AM on a sunday morning. Believe me - if there's money that NYC.Gov can make off a car owner, they never, ever miss the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

If either the registration or the inspection is expired, be a publicly-spirited citizen and remove the plates.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried calling the 107th #??? It just rings all hours of the day. Only the Det Squad answers and they politely transfer you to more ringing. Good luck getting someone. I tried the NYPD website #'s numerous times. The 107 sucks! Too busy patrolling 711.

Anonymous said...

if there's money that NYC.Gov can make off a car owner, they never, ever miss the opportunity.

Only in some neighborhoods - there is a wide inconsistency in the way that laws are enforced from neighborhood to neighborhood. In North Flushing, I see cars parked way too close to fire hydrants all the time - and there's a hydrant next door in Bayside by Sushi Village that gets completely blocked on a regular basis - and nothing ever happens to those cars. Yet, as you said, in another neighborhood there could be something which we'd consider more minor, and it gets pounced on. I know someone who put a clear plastic cover on their license plate, just to keep the plate clean and prevent scratches, and they got a ticket. Yet other people put very dark colored plastic covers on their license plates - maybe to prevent red light cameras from clearly seeing their plate numbers? - and it doesn't seem to be an issue. Lax enforcement, or no enforcement, from area to area.

Anonymous said...

How could it be there for two years and have gotten a red light picture ticket on 3/10/2014?

I think that this car is moved every once in a while and probably spends a lot of time at that same spot.

This might happen in a neighborhood where there is little demand for street parking and no alternate side rules.

I bet that nobody would have said anything if this car did not have an obvious accident. To me it looks like it can run and be road legal. Having a car with a battle scar like that adds to the panache. I personally love it. I would even more love it if it would have the innards of, say, a Mustang Cobra.

Queens Crapper said...

It doesn't say it had a red light violation.

Anonymous said...

It's not on google maps street view from September 2013. So it hasn't been there continuously for two years.

Anonymous said...

there is alt side but the car is never ticketed or towed or moved. It's still there is anyone wants to drive by between the mobil gas and the cemetary. I called 2 more times 311 since then
nypd still says nothing is wrong even though I reference the other service request numbers which shows it never moved.

Anonymous said...

After a total of 18 complaints to 311 over a few months with no towing or action by the department I dropped off a letter to the captain of the 107 precinct and included all 18 complaint numbers and included the link to this submission on the The next day the car was towed.

Anonymous said...

I found this link, and found it very interesting. I have reported a vehicle, also in the 107 precinct, via the derelict vehicle complaint form. The case was closed, yet the vehicle has not been moved or towed. It is on four flats, and hasn't moved since, April...when I started counting.
Is it an issue with the precinct officers? Why should bringing an issue up to the precinct Captain, yield results?
Thank goodness for that officer, doing their job.
I will file yet another complaint, regarding a Mercedes, parked on Main street, between 61 road and Reeves ave. Lets see if action is taken.