Friday, July 25, 2014

Schumer is a frequent flyer

From the NY Post:

All of those Sunday press conferences don’t come cheap, but at least Sen. Charles Schumer makes it home to New York frequently — unlike some colleagues.

Schumer, known for popping up on Sunday talk shows and staging press events for issues big and small, jets home more often than almost any other senator, an analysis of campaign travel reveals.

He also spent dramatically more than anyone else, racking up nearly $1 million in travel costs over the last three years, according to an analysis of office disbursements conducted by the Washington Examiner.

Schumer flew home more than any other Democrat except one, and was third overall among all 100 senators.

A March trip to upstate Binghamton and Rome cost $6,000, typical of his trips, which averaged nearly $8,000.

By comparison, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made it home to Nevada only 11 times over three years, the paper reported.


francis said...

Schumer's home is NY now? Here I thought the man who says God appointed him to be "Shomer Yisrael" made his home there. He push through the 200+ million dollars of American's money to pay to replace all the missiles Israel has used the last few weeks? And people wonder why our country is broke...

Anonymous said...

Yup, you can always depend on good ol' Schuck Schumer, no?

Anonymous said...

Is he still married to what's his name?

Anonymous said...

Doubt that he has to go through TSA screening every time.

Anonymous said...

We can bitch about Schmuck Schumer because of his politics and penchant for the TV camera but at least he comes home. He is still connected to NY and I find nothing wrong with that.

Consider our Queens county democrat leader Virginny Joe Crowley who lives in Virginia year round, owns a home there, schools his kids there and drives a car with Virginia plates.

He and his family are so far removed from Queens that his kids speak with a southern accent.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe he misses his beautiful wife.

Anonymous said...

Is he still married to what's his name?

His wife, Iris Weinshall (former DOT Commissioner), just left her job as Vice Chancellor of Facilities at CUNY to become COO at the New York Public Library.

Chucklehead has to fly home so he can attend every graduation/commencement ceremony and tell the same anecdotes:
- how he lost his first run for public office but "got the girl"
- how they were frantically worried when their infant daughter had a high fever
- how he "just recently" passed a bill making part of their tuition tax deductible [it was passed in 2009, but he always makes it sound like just yesterday]
- etc.

It's just torture to have to sit through those speeches.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden took Amtrak when he was a Senator. How about it, Chuck?

Anonymous said...

schumer has done NOTHING to get SGT.T. released from the Mexican prison for makig a wrong turn across the border.

schumer also voted for three "FORCED BUSING" NYS regents members ,during the NAACP fed. suit to integrate Cambria Hgts H.S. Campus Magnet (then A.Jackson).

all 8-12 th grade pupils from the N.E.Queens area would be force bused .the Appelate court turned the suit down.

1n 2007 ,SCOTUS ruled forced busing UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Anonymous said...

This guy never met a press conference he didnt like

Anonymous said...

he also violates Memorial day parade rules by his staff marching with campaign signs, every year.

dishonoring America's war dead.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with much of what chuck believes in politically but I do believe he is one of the hardest working senators we have ever had.