Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ridgewood Theatre becoming apartments

From Curbed:

Plans for Ridgewood Theater's residential conversion were announced last fall, so what's going on at the site now? Not much, but that may soon change; permits for the project were approved this week. The plans call for adding two stories to the three-story building, and created 50 apartments (10 more than previously reported). Owner Bushburg Properties recently told Curbed that they are still in the planning stages of the development, working to bring contractors on board and finalizing their designs. The first floor will be an entertainment/cultural venue, and the permits make clear that the existing exterior of the theater, which is landmarked, will remain. Nataliya Donskoy is the architect.


Anonymous said...

If this sort of tasteful alteration to landmarked buildings was permitted (and encouraged where appropriate) city wide then the relatively low density parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan (the village!) that have extensive transit service could house some of the people who are currently getting priced out of where they want to live, and are instead coming to Queens and trying to change our neighborhoods.

Joe said...

Nataliya Donskoy, interesting how the editors of that piece of shit article Americanized her name making this soon to be cluster F_ sound like a bed of roses in the process.
Nataliyav DonskoyĆ¢€” designs nothing but hideous eastern block el'cheapo shit with computers !!

Have a look at this charming "masterpiece"

And this charmer on Myrtle ave.

Bye Bye Ridgewood theater

Anonymous said...

Where all these new people going to park the cars. Nothing shows ground floor or basement parking ?
Must be some mistake the city cant be this stupid to put all these people and no parking.

Anonymous said...

OMG - that architect does horrible work!!!

This is the asshole that designed a big cube on top of a row of gorgeous old brick buildings!

This is a travesty allowing such a third-rate incompetent to destroy a landmarked building!

Par for the course in Queens where our "vibrant and diverse" new neighbors have fucked everything up!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, right down the blick you have the new cheapo furniture express warehouse that invites you to come strsi
Straight to the loading docks.Another class operation,Crapper, no?

JQ said...

"The first floor will be an entertainment/cultural venue"

it looks like they are going to have a knockdown center after all.How convenient.More bennies for generation gentrification.The residents there,mostly latino and middle class,should not stand for it.

Anonymous said...

How could they build all this these floors of apartments and concert/entertainment hall space without even minimum residential parking ?

Anonymous said...

If you're worried about parking set up a residential parking permit system for the neighborhood. This is in a commercial area with plenty of jobs, and a short walk from two subway lines. There is no reason for big government to micromanage every little decision in our lives the way they do with parking requirements.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of jobs?
Like what Pizza Hut, crap part time minimum wage retail or strangling chickens ?
I cant think of any company's producing anything worth talking about (or paying livable wages)in Ridgewood 2014.
Hmm, Snapple, meter maids or the MTA perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

Median household income for residents in the area was less than $40k in the last census. There are plenty of medical offices, banks, schools etc...where someone could get paid well in excess of that within walking distance of the Ridgewood Theater, plenty of small business owners who make enough from their store in the area. One full time worker and one part time worker in the household and it gets even easier. If that's not enough, you have two subway lines connecting residents to jobs all over the city. There's a grocery store and plenty of restaurants within walking distance as well. It's easy enough to live somewhere like that without a car - something like 65% of area households don't own a car already. It's hardly a revolutionary idea. It's ridiculous to force people moving in to pay for a parking garage they won't necessarily use, to tell them that even though they are looking at the area because of its proximity to transit and ability to offer a life free of the stress and massive expense of driving, that they have to pay for a parking spot. Or to force the owner of the lot to market his units to people who want to drive. The roads in the area are a mess, and already overcrowded. A twenty unit development with off street parking catering to new residents who wanted to drive everywhere would be bad for the area. This development is great by comparison.

And if you're still concerned and you don't want a new resident parking on the street making it hard for you to find a spot, then petition the city to set up a residential parking permit system for after business hours and raise the price of meters, and maybe add some more, to encourage turnover during the day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the people moving in are typically car owners. Have you ever walked around yupster Brooklyn and seen all the cars with out of state plates? Especially once they realize that to get anywhere in the city besides Manhattan, they're gonna need one, including on the weekends when the L is down for repairs.

I really like the real estate shill that shows up on this blog every morning and defends every project. He's my morning source of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

The residents there,mostly latino and middle class,should not stand for it.


Maybe in the 60s and 70s, but this area hasn't been middle class in a long time.

Its all nail salons and "we buy gold" down there now.

The last time i was there i saw a toddler in just a diaper walking down the street by himself.

The animals have taken over.

Anonymous said...

I love the new building. It will change the neighborhood. It looks better than the abandoned theater.