Monday, July 14, 2014

More yupster development coming to Ridgewood

From Wyckoff Heights, we get this news:

And also this news:

For a total of about 100 new unaffordable apartments.

How exciting! Maybe one of them will house a store that sells locally-sourced, artisanal (fill in the blank)!


Anonymous said...

The ugly house with the paved over 'yard' getting demolished for the second project is no loss.

The first project is keeping the nice brick structure and getting rid of the junk, though it does have more glass than it should. Could be worse.

Anonymous said...

...piggies in a blanket.

Queens Crapper said...

Number 1's comment is written by someone who doesn't understand what overdevelopment is. It's not the aesthetics of the neighborhood that is the problem here. It's the fact that 100 families where there was only one previously is going to further overwhelm the area. And the 2nd project is not just an apartment building replacing a house, it's 2 apartment buildings replacing a house and an empty lot.

Anonymous said...

"artisanal cheese"... "coffee"..."ice cream"..."folk art"..."hot dogs"..."pizza"

Anonymous said...

What a legacy of crap this generation is poised to leave behind. Every single new building is just a pile of translucent puke.

JQ said...

eventually even the hipsters and yuppies are going to snap when there is no personal space left for them.

Has anyone seen the G stops,like sardines in a crushed tin box.wait till the M,L,and J trains nearby get crowded and break down,even all their tech shit won't keep them occupied.Soon these cretins will be brawling over being accidently bumped in the subway.I expect a lot of pube beard pulling being exchanged.

this pandering to these artis-Anal food fiends and binge drinkers will not go over well in Queens,they got away with it by destroying and pussifying brooklyn,but I think the people in our boro will fight these dopes off.

why don't do these pretentious geeks and sims inspired developers go to Detroit instead.That city actually needs it.