Sunday, July 27, 2014

CityTime continues to haunt us

From Crains:

Investigators say poor oversight allowed a New York City payroll-technology project to spiral into a $700 million tangle of contractor fraud, budget overruns and delays.

A Department of Investigation report released Friday says the city lacked proper management safeguards to detect and prevent the problems with the CityTime project.

Its costs ballooned from about $70 million to $700 million. Authorities later concluded a key contractor hired and overpaid consultants through companies his associates owned.

Eight people have been convicted or pleaded guilty. The prime company on the project repaid the city more than $500 million.


Anonymous said...

Enriching private industry with public funds -another triumph of the Bloomberg administration's policies.

This was only the most egregious example of this mistaken approach.

JQ said...

it wasn't the fun size mayor's money or business.wait for the results of all the costs wasted and graft involving the 911 modernization

the twerp should stay in tel aviv.hopefully a suicide donkey bomb will trot by him there.

Anonymous said...

then why is NYC still using this software to track employee's time?

Anonymous said...

John Liu got $500mm back for us