Monday, July 21, 2014

Another parking pad turned garden!

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

Here is a somewhat bright spot in Jamaica. The apartment building at 88-23 170th which for years was using the sidewalk and side of the building for illegal parking spaces while no one did anything about it (till Sgt Cedillo and The Untouchables from the 103rd precinct stepped in) has made a complete turnaround.

Instead of a shitty-looking illegal parking space which destroyed all of the grass and just made a mess of this area, it has instead been transformed into a garden with a variety of vegetables and complete with a white picket fence. Nice, something that rarely is seen in these neck of the woods because the powers to be allow people here to do whatever the hell they want without consequences.

Kudos to Sgt. Cedillo and The Untouchable for enforcing the law, a round of applause for the owner of the building (shitty that is is) for putting something desirable in this spot and a big fuck you to the elected leaders and community board #12 for constantly doing so little with these types of issues that go on all over Jamaica.


Anonymous said...

The patch near the curb could use some new sod.

Anonymous said...

Politicians and community boards that don't do anything ????

Wait....I'll alert the Media !!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the "shout out" to the local politicians.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, power to the people! If we don't fight for our communities we will lose them.

Keep up the good work Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

scumbags still need to take care of the tree pit area.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! Cars belong on the street, garages and driveways. - not on the sidewalk. Congratulations to everyone for their amazing efforts, and thank you to the homeowner! You have helped to improve your neighborhood!