Saturday, July 19, 2014

Something in the Village is actually in danger

From WPIX:

A Greenwich Village neighborhood may be losing one of its main attractions: a quaint and quirky, historic, white little farmhouse at the corner of Charles and Greenwich Streets.

The nearly 5,000 square foot piece of property at 121 Charles Street was listed in the New York Times real estate section as a development site, with a $20,000,000 price tag.

Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, was shocked to see the ad.

The current owner bought it in the late 1980’s. The old house wasn’t even located in the Village until 1967. That’s when it was moved from 71st Street and York Avenue to avoid being torn down by the property owner, the Archdiocese of New York, which wanted the space for housing for seniors.

Wow, if this were to be torn down, it would be like just about every historic property that had a preservation effort around it in Queens for the past 30 years or so!


Anonymous said...

A lot of buildings in the village would retain their charm, as would the area, if they added even another five or six stories on top. No reason Manhattan can't house more people than it does now.

Anonymous said...

You're so wrong - high-rises don't belong in the West Village.

The West Village is charming (less so these days as most of the wonderful old stores such as the Biography Bookshop are gone - thank you greedy landlords and Marc Jacobs!) The sidewalks are narrow, sunny and tree-lined. There isn't room for several hundred more people per block.

Some streets in the Village remind one of Paris. Don't turn it into Main St. Flushing!

Joe Moretti said...

Anon stated: You're so wrong - high-rises don't belong in the West Village.
Oh, and many parts of Queens deserve to be systematically destroyed over the years. 3/4 of the shit here never belonged here to begin with. There was a reason people moved to Queens to get away from all the shit that has know shown up in their backyard.

Face it NYC is a big fucking mess.

Anonymous said...

Taller buildings wouldn't have to change the character of the neighborhood. And if more people live there and sidewalks are too narrow then kill a lane or two in the road and the problem goes away.

Anonymous said...

Ten stories counts as a highrise? What's the cutoff?