Friday, July 11, 2014

Whitestone post office may lose personnel

From the Queens Courier:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) plans to ship jobs from its Whitestone processing facility as part of ongoing nationwide consolidation of its centers to stay financially afloat.

The mail service intends to consolidate up to 82 facilities, including the Queens center on 20th Avenue, beginning January 2015 to continue its plan to cut losses, which was approved in 2011. The initiative is projected to save the cash-strapped delivery service more than $3.5 billion in the next five years, according to the USPS.

There are currently 1,015 employees at the Whitestone facility, and it’s yet to be determined how many employees will be affected, a representative for the organization said.


Anonymous said...

Yep. No one under 60 uses the mail anymore folks, so time to say goodbye to the USPS and get over it. My tax money (hey!-- and yours!) can be put to better use. Also, maybe this will slow down the Asian invasion when these jobs go away.

Anonymous said...

maybe it is because the P.O. employees are incompetent s.e.asians ?
I just received a machine torn bank statement with one strip of scotch tape to secure the envelope ?
in collge .when I worked at the repair section, we repaired and re-enveloped the damaged mail.

I had to change the account data at my bank, before someone electronically did damage.

Anonymous said...

So will our borough president step in here and do something? After all, she ran on a platform to bring jobs to Queens and keep them here.....