Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pavilion vandalized

From the Daily News:

Vandals broke into the historic New York State Pavilion last weekend, setting a stolen van on fire and damaging a piece of its deteriorating terrazzo map, park watchdogs said.

The shocking mayhem in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was heartbreaking for volunteers who have been working for years to spruce up the aging 1964 World’s Fair relic.

The tarp that covers the map was set ablaze, Piro said. The punks also used a cinderblock to smash the side of the aged map.

The incident ironically comes as support for the renovation of the rusting pavilion is at an all-time high.


Anonymous said...

These derelict structures really should be demolished, and the land returned to true parkland use. Support for them being "at an all-time high" is merely illusory -- no one testified at the February budget hearing that any funds at all should be spent on their renovation, let alone the $50+ million that it will likely cost and which Borough President Katz seems bent on spending. Demolition will cost far less and eliminate these disgraces from the park once and for all.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can say is that overwhelming and penetrating sadness overtook my initial feelings of anger.
Humanity is truly a sad and bleak phenomenon.

JQ said...

a few weeks ago it was charles park and now its melinda's pet project.

seems we got a trend here.where are the extra cops moved from desk duty and the thousands that graduated a month ago?and where are the parks police and their shiny new white hybrid cars?these dopes should not be hard to catch.

and you kids and kidults should get over your boredom and find another outlet for your appetite for destruction.

Anonymous said...

This is no different than assaulting a frail elderly person. The pavilion was already withered, vulnerable and defenseless. Scum like these need to be microwaved alive.

Anonymous said...

The Pavilion is a perfect metaphor for Queens, the City, and our country. All downhill since 1965.

Mike Francesa said...

Thank goodness they missed the bocce courts and homeless shelters.

Anonymous said...

Stupid uneducated and uncivilized people. More security in our parks!

Anonymous said...

Given the vast population of NYC and the vast voters orientation no one should be surprised.. After all, NY state is the vandals/illegals state. Keep voting the same way..

Anonymous said...

+1 to the comments made regarding metaphor.

Less value is put on community and more value is put on the individual that could care less about it. How backwards have things become??


It's time we make a change, change starts in on blogs like this.

Anonymous said...

Does this not express the empty hollowness of the Borough President's sudden interest in the World's Fair.

BTW, has anyone seen the beep's website? She has been in office a half year and look at the mess she shows the world. Now go over to the borough presidents' in the other 5 boroughs.

Not event the hint of caring or pride since Katz took over. Since Mannes, that place take a step down with each new office holder.

Anonymous said...

When you just got off the boat from south america, how are you supposed to know what structure is historic or not?

Education and respect of law are two things that arent expected of them!

Anonymous said...

The structures will not be demolished as now they are an official site on the honest graft capital budget circuit.

Dollops of money will be lavished on this ruin for years making certain campaign donors very happy.

Anonymous said...

No, you have it all wrong. We have to get to the root causes of why of all the targets vandals can choose from, they chose a 50 year map of New York state, in terrazzo, and sponsored by Texaco. Somewhere, Milton Berle is crying.