Saturday, July 19, 2014

Military truck mystery solved

From the Forum:

The camouflage military truck parked idly on 78th Street in Howard Beach belongs to resident Paul Marcel, a volunteer EMS worker, who used the large vehicle to rescue 120 neighbors from their homes that were rapidly filling with water during Hurricane Sandy.

The Forum Newsgroup ran a story in the July 10 issue detailing residents’ concerns with an abandoned army truck parked on 78th Street for several months without being moved. The owner reached out soon after to tell his story.

After buying the vehicle just days before the storm from a friend who had it shipped over from Afghanistan, Marcel said he started listening to his police scanner and preparing for the worst as the storm began barreling up the east coast.

When Sandy struck, the first emergency situation he responded to included an ambulance that became stuck in the water and needed to be pulled out. When he heard the call for help on the police scanner, Marcel said he rushed to the vehicle and had the medical personnel get into the truck.

The truck was hit repeatedly by large waves during his Hurricane Sandy rescue missions, causing damage to the radiator and the central tire inflation system, which keeps air in the truck’s tires. He said the truck is properly registered and hopes it will not be towed while he works on getting it up and running again.

“I have used it since Sandy, but it has been acting up like crazy,” Marcel said. “That is why it has been sitting there on the block like that. I was trying to fix it every week.”


Mike Francesa said...

All the new homeless in Queens couldn't tow that thing.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when the National Guard would have scores of these trucks in places like Fort Totten, Fort Hamilton, Fort Wadsworth etc.
Are they no longer there? If they are why were they not used.
I appreciate this man's efforts, but we pay big $$ to keep us protected. If it comes to needing this man's efforts, we are wasting a lot of $$s.

Anonymous said...

A wannabe with a look at me, I'm a hero complex! The only way that thing passed inspection is with someone winking at the rules.

AmericaBeautiful said...

This guy is great! People helping each other far surpasses what our gubmint can possibly do.
Can anyone volunteer to help this guy get the truck fixed?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that truck meets any reasonable emission standard.

If not it doesn't belong in a city.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you all the way and if I had the ability I would heip him for sure.

As for chronic critics - My answer to them "When you pick up a shoval then you can talk to me"

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 6: Is a shoval heavy? Is it anything like a shovel?

Anonymous said...

Guy looks young enough to be in the Army if this is the kind of vehicle he likes to drive. Let him sign up to be a real hero.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 7

You are right, I need a shovel to bury your BS. You sure are a heavy thinker.

Anon No. 7 said...

Anon no. 9:

No, just someone who appreciates it when people know how to spell. No BS, only a guy with a sense of humor.