Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Household garbage being dumped on commercial strip

From the Queens Ledger:

So what happens if public trashcans regularly overflow with trash? 
Well, according to the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) the wasted baskets will be removed, especially if the department believes they are being used by residents to illegally dispose of household garbage.

“DSNY will remove baskets if they are being misused, or if the location no longer meets the requirements for litter basket placement,” explained a representative of the DSNY.

On Grand Avenue, several residents and business owners have watched the large metal baskets appear and disappear on dozens of corners throughout the business district.

After one can was recently removed because nearby homeowners were regularly dumping large quantities of trash, the location became a dumping ground for trash bags and litter.

The shop owner explained that the same residents are dumping trash where the bin once stood, leaving them and other business owners responsible for the cleanup.


Anonymous said...

Give everyone of them a summons! Have they no shame or respect? Better yet, have DOB and DSNY follow these illegal dumpers back to their residence and give their landlord a fine for illegally converted apartments ! This is the underlying problem.

Anonymous said...

The same thing is happenning on Jamaica Avenue is Richmond Hill. The household trash is dumped, the baskets removed, and the garbage continues to be dumped, but without collection by the Dept of Sanitation. There is no official Sanitation complaint for this particular issue. The area is represented by 3 different Council members over a few short blocks (Ulrich, Koslowitz and Wills) so they individually have little stake. A call to the public advocate has gone unreturned, and the garbage piles up, stays there, and stinks.

Anonymous said...

Where are the elected officials? Hiding again behind 311?

Once again, quality of life is ignored while they spend time fund raising for the organization, talking to a developer behind closed doors, or posing for some silly photo op in an increasingly futile effort to give the skeptic public the impression that they are something useful in everyone's lives.

Anonymous said...

In Astoria the business groups don't bother with the shopping areas as they consider the merchants and their patrons quaint holdovers from the pre-big box era - naw they just get expensive offices and show films in Astoria Park.

We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...

It so routine in broke-down Flooshing that one hardly notices it anymore.

Bowne and Kissena Parks are frequent dumping grounds. It's all the illegal residents - there's no where for them to leave their garbage.

Why doesn't the city set up dumpsters all over town?

They would need to be checked frequently for dumped animals!

Anonymous said...

This is become so common, I'm not sure that the people doing it realize that's wrong (in the moral sense) and illegal.

Anonymous said...

Trash generated by trash.

Illegal dumping by illegal immigrants living in illegal apartments.

Its a wonderful system!

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

I have used the 311 phone app to report several dumping sites to DSNY with photos in Richmond Hill. LIRR properyt, by Key food parking on Lefferts. LIRR site across from library on Babbage street. Side walk in front of 103 40 116 street. The sites are usually cleaned in A few days.
103 40 116 street got dumped on again very soon after DSNY cleaned. I reported again on July 23.
Today, July 29 DSNY still investigating complaint.

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

Update to 103 40, 116 street 311 app says site cleaned by sanitation, updated by dsny July 24 at 12pm. This morning app did not show this update. Location is next to Muni meter around corner from Liberty Ave.

Miles Mullin said...

Joe in Richmond Hill

As you have the wonderful quality to actually make 311 work, I would suggest you open a service (for a fee of course, this IS politics) of handling other people's complaints.

Win win.


You become wealthy without going into politics, and the rest of us gets a 'service' that all but has replaced responsible government as well as absolved our local elected of pretty much any responsibility.

The first request is to please handle my 311 complaint about a block that went wild during the Fourth and where the cops showed up a half day later to register that no problems were found.