Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sand unswept in Far Rockaway

"Today, went to Beach 20th Street in Far Rockaway. Was oddly amused with the amount of sand on the boardwalk. As a lifelong resident of the Rockaways, I am acutely aware that at this point in time we have nothing else going for us except the beach. As you know, the city keeps dumping everything thay can imagine in the Rockaways. This particluar mound, which is one of four, is the largest and has been growing for the past two months. It's located nearby to senior buldings. The old folks have to navigate around the mounds along with the cyclists, joggers and beachgoers. I guess the parks department is too busy harassing beachgoers walking dogs and enjoying themselves than to sweep up the mess." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

The beach is supposed to have sand. Would you rather see this mound of sand on Woodhaven Blvd?

Anonymous said...

" I guess the parks department is too busy harassing beachgoers walking dogs and enjoying themselves than to sweep up the mess"

Wrong the city is too broke from paying cops with massively inflated pensions to harass citizens of this once great city to pay for anything important, including park maintenance.

Anonymous said...

The beach is supposed to have sand. Not the boardwalk.

Joe said...

Commercial 8 horsepower leaf blower, 1 gallon gas, 20 minutes.

-Lazy bastards, is not Manhattan or Park Slope that's the problem. The residents should take control and do it themselves and quit relying on the corrupt government. Queens (like most the USA)lost its representation long ago by electing (and re-electing) morons.
Get off your butts, grab a broom or live & suffer with it.

JQ said...

I noticed something else wrong with this picture...

no trendy food concession stands with lines of dweebs,no trailers for shooting a low rated tv show.certainly if this area was hip and trendy it would have been pushed back to the beach where it belongs.How hard can it be really?wouldn't a broom suffice?it would probably take less than 30 minutes to do

if you want any more proof of where the city's priorities are concerning the resuscitation and maintenance of rockaway,look at this feature the daily news ran a few weeks ago.

nowhere in that supplement mentions the gang violence and the laying of a pipeline that will not even be used unless Cuomo gives the ok for shale drilling.

what's even more unsettling is the placement of the new sand is being pushed ashore by the stronger currents we have been getting the past few years.I have a feeling the next Hurricane is going to push all that fed sand back onto the streets,and I was reminded that sandy was a category one storm and it leveled the town.

A Better NYC said...

Needless to say it's someone's job within the Parks Department to maintain the boardwalks.

However, it's becoming increasing clear that we can't rely on city employees to do their jobs.

Sorry to say the problem would be fixed a lot faster if you got a few friends with brooms and shovels and cleared the sand away yourselves.

In my neighborhood, my neighbor and I paint over graffiti and clean up trash on city property all the time.

Joe said...

Neighbor on the corner on Seneca ave had a problem with graffiti. We put a mix of "Sherwin-Williams Anti-Graffiti Coating" with pump garden sprayer, did the lamp post & stop sign also. Its simple to apply, the bricks look great and graffiti comes right off with a pressure washer or even hose & brush.
The big problem is people are to lazy and seem to enjoy living like 3rd world slobs !!


Anonymous said...

the crack heads, crack dealers, hos and section 8 voucher holder have no time for any civic duties.

that's for you tax payers.