Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skeeter spraying tonight in northeastern Queens

From the Queens Courier:

On Wednesday, July 30, there will be West Nile spraying in parts of Queens to help reduce the mosquito population and the risk of the disease.

The spraying will take place between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. the next morning. In case of bad weather, the application will be delayed until Thursday, July 31 during the same hours.

The following neighborhoods are being treated due to rising West Nile virus activity with high mosquito populations, according to the city’s Health Department:

Parts of College Point, Flushing, Linden Hill, Malba and Whitestone (Bordered by the East River, Powell’s Cove, 138th Street and 11th Avenue to the north; Flushing Bay and Flushing River to the west; Northern Boulevard to the south; and 149th Street, 20th Avenue and Whitestone Expressway to the east)


Anonymous said...

One must ponder---
Is the cure worse than the disease?

We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...

That should read - "Cancer spraying tonight in northeastern Queens"!

And to think - only 1 out of every 2 people now get cancer. And 65% of all dogs!

Who manufactures the bug spray - Big Pharma - the same people that make your chemo drugs!

Shut your windows and lock up your pets! Cancer is coming to town!

Or better yet - start your vacation early! Get out of town!

Anonymous said...

Spraying is not the answer. Maintenance is the answer. The Agency responsible for the greenway needs to be held accountable. Let's get to the real problem and not put a band-aid on the problem.

Sewers need to be installed along the roadway.

The City needs to clean up all the weeds; dead trees; and more, along the Cross Island Parkway. It is so overgrown that weeds grow so big and tall, as to appear as they are trees. There are many old; damaged and dead trees that should be removed.

The water that accumulates on the side of the road below the homes in the area is a breeding ground for mosquitoes; raccoons; squirrels and other vermin. The raccoons and squirrels do a lot of damage to the surrounding homes.

Why the Parks Department does not maintain the area (or the responsible agency) and clean up the unbelievable mess behind people's homes on 223rd Street and throughout the run of the Cross Island Parkway is unconscionable.

Spraying is not the answer. More can and should be done.

This cry has fallen on deaf ears for years. Spend the money on cleaning up the problem and not masking it with sprays that are virtually useless and harmful.

The problem is severe this year.

Anonymous said...

People need to overcome their conditioned reflex to be anti-chemical. There are good chemicals.

Consider DDT. It was banned due to bad science and hype.

It's estimated that 62 MILLION people have died due to malaria since DDT was banned in 1972. (most were children.)

The UN is finally coming around to promoting DDT usage again.

Anonymous said...

Gonna drain every kettle pond too anon? Ridgewood reservoir has to go then as well, since standing water = mosquitoes.

Mike Francesa said...

This is an iatrogenic cure just like homeless shelters.