Friday, July 18, 2014

U-Haul clock to get fixed

From the Queens Gazette:

A four-sided clock tower with a timepiece that has been frozen in place for decades is about to be rejuvenated.

The U-Haul building, situated on the Flushing River along College Point Boulevard in Flushing, was visited recently by New York City clock masters Marvin Schneider and Forrest Merkowitz who have both worked on clocks around the city, including the weekly winding of the timepiece atop the New York City Municipal Offices on Broadway and Leonard Street in Manhattan.

For years the hands of the clock have been stuck at about the 11 o’clock position.

Schneider and Merkowitz were pleased to find during a visit last December that all the original parts remained inside the clock tower.

The building, and its timepiece made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company in Connecticut, dates back to 1925. It was constructed by W & J Sloane Furniture Co. for their subsidiary, the Company of Master Craftsmen. Serval Zipper Company purchased the building in 1942. In 1979 it was taken over by U-Haul, which continues to operate a storage center in the space to this day.


Anonymous said...

WHAT!...No condos?

Anonymous said...

Well at least some brazen city official didn't recommend the clock structure be turn down to make way for more development.

JQ said...

now all they have to do now is fix the smell in that area.

maybe affix a giant glade plugin or an eternal flame scented candle.

really,that place has been stinking for 50 years,maybe longer.

Anonymous said...

really,that place has been stinking for 50 years,maybe longer

Eau du diversité vibrant?

Anonymous said...

Even a broken clock is right twice per day - which is more than our elected official are.......

Anonymous said...

Oh perfect, perfect for all the drivers of those illegally parked and double parked cement trucks and garbage trucks sitting idle, clogging up College Point Blvd. Perfect also for the cops who routinely drive past it all and do absolutely nothing about any of it. Now they will all know what time it is.
Good for U-HAUL for making a nice noticeable difference.

Anonymous said...

Well it certainly doesn't smell like roses.