Thursday, June 20, 2013

Walls for Rockaway

From CBS New York:

Reinforcements are going up along a stretch of the Rockaways that was decimated by superstorm Sandy.

The storm barrier of more than 7,500 bags filled with 20,000 tons of sand will stretch from Beach 55th Street to Beach 149th Street when the dune construction project begins next month.

At the end of Beach 133rd Street in the Belle Harbor section of Far Rockaway, a four-foot concrete wall is already being built.


Anonymous said...

What a great new spot for vandals to tag.

Miles Mullin said...

Man proposes, God disposes.

Gary the Agnostic said...

"...the Belle Harbor section of Far Rockaway..."


Anonymous said...

Hope it keeps out the zombies too.

Anonymous said...

It won't keep out a storm surge. Why would it keep out the zombies?

Anonymous said...

I don't recall seeing any pictures of four foot walls standing after Sandy. Who do they thing they are fooling?