Sunday, June 30, 2013

Union plasters strike warnings all over Grand Avenue

Took another stroll along Grand Avenue this weekend and here's what I found:

Signs warning the members of Local 79 that a strike is coming Monday morning.

I don't know why they are taped to telephone poles and parking meters along Grand Avenue.

We have telephones, faxes and e-mail these days, which certainly are better ways to communicate with members.


Anonymous said...

Its not about communicating with members. Its about grandstanding for the public.

Unions 101

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it's great news that demo contractors are on strike.

Anonymous said...

So what city agency will pursue fining the union for this ?

At the minimum it should be $50 per poster. Isn't there a law about this ?

But, it's almost a given, city government does not mess with unions. The unions effectively run the city.

Anonymous said...

Ugly, tacky and not to mention illegal, these signs don't make me think too highly of this union.

I guess it's not enough to have developers hire this union to demolish buildings in a neighborhood so that their crap can be inserted.

This union now puts its own crap on utility poles.

Hey union, what's your address? At the moment I have diarrhea and I wanna come and take a crap on your door step! Oh wait, I'm a law-abiding citizen and I respect other people's property.

Anonymous said...

Litter, that's all that is. Send the union their violations.

Duh, it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Machine still relies on unions but again, considering the machine is an artifact of the buggy whip era that is no surprise.

Unions can pretty much do as they wish.

Anonymous said...

They're not communicating with ordinary "Workers" they're communicating with the majority of their membership, illegal (Undocumented) workers who tend to congregate on street corners waiting to be chosen for jobs.

Queens Crapper said...

They don't congregate on Grand Avenue and never did.

Anonymous said...

If John Liu can get fined for his campaign posters, then any else should not be exempt. Let's not have a double standard. The union has a right to express their opinion but should not break the law. There are so many other legitimate ways to get their message across (social media, local newspaper ads/editorials, TV interview such as NY1, etc.)

Anonymous said...

I support the intention of the strike, but not the illegal defacing of our neighborhood. I hope they have plans to remove them in the near future. By the way, is there any direct benefit to the neighborhood and it's residents via this strike???