Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shafran carries on a proud Halloran tradition

Shafran & Krinsky
From the NY Post:

Months after beautiful news anchor Molly Rokasy and Queens power broker Austin Shafran married, she claims, he left her for a state employee who’s steadily risen in the government ranks.

Shafran, a City Council candidate, fell in love with then-news assistant Rokasy after meeting her at a 2006 press conference. Three years later, he proposed to her with a 2.5-carat diamond ring.

Shafran, 33, vowed a lifetime of love to the gorgeous journalist, 30, now the news anchor at The Bronx and Brooklyn’s News 12.

The cable-TV anchorwoman and the politician married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Aug. 21, 2010, then headed to Times Square for romantic snapshots.

At a lavish reception held at the towering Terrace on the Park in Queens, the Rockettes kicked their long gams to welcome the glittering guests, including state Sens. Malcolm Smith and John Sampson, local Teamsters President Greg Floyd and Chaz Bono.

But Shafran’s commitment didn’t last long, his ex-wife alleged in divorce documents.

Shafran met fellow Democratic operative Jennifer Krinsky when they both went to work on Queens state Sen. Tony Avella’s campaign in the summer of 2010.
By March 2011, just eight months after the nuptials, Shafran, then the spokesman for state Senate Democrats, began working with Krinsky, the office’s new social-media coordinator.

“They were working much closer together,” a political source said.

Krinsky went from making $37,986 annually as a community liaison for state Sen. Liz Krueger to earning $44,980 as the person in charge of new media for the Democrats.

A source said Rokasy discovered lengthy late-night calls between her husband and Krinsky.

In October 2011, Shafran packed his bags and moved out, court papers say. He initiated the divorce.

Shafran says he began dating Krinsky only after the separation.


Jerry Rotondi said...


Voters should think twice about putting a horny Halloran clone into the city council chambers.

Obviously Shafran's "other head" commands his body. He's not his own man--nor will he be yours.

If you want to be properly represented, Paul Graziano is the wise choice. He's my choice.

Anonymous said...

With a trophy bimbo like that, he's still gotta screw around?

It looks like he'd f--k anyone he can, including his constituents...G-d forbid!

Anonymous said...

Fucking the constituents is a given.

Its all about the wedding reception..over the top meanless shit...then they go home to each other and realize they dont really know each other! FOOLS!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, they met while working for that home-wrecker Tony Avella. (Rolling eyes in disbelief)

Anonymous said...

Both Austin and Jenn never had to sweat a day in their lives, going from one well-connected political job to another. None of these jobs are advertised publicly.

These two lovebirds probably cannot relate to the struggles of common working people. Their desk jobs have as much meaning as his defunct marriage. My advice to Jenn- don't put a ring on it!

Anonymous said...

Actually I've met the wife and the mistress. Hands down the wife is not only more intelligent, but an honest to god good person. she is super honest. maybe that's the problem-he split when she found out the whole family is corrupt. look at his mom.

Anonymous said...

Both Austin and Jenn never had to sweat a day in their lives, going from one well-connected political job to another.

So what? You can say this about the Vallones and Vallonia thinks they are gods and the rest of Queens doesn't think at all.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Austin is well on his way to being another Halloran...and he hasn't even been elected to anything yet!

Let's compare:

Halloran gets married; cheats on his wife with a campaign worker; gives her a Deputy Chief of Staff position; and eventually hooks up with another intern.

Shafran meets a future television anchor while working as a press flack for Hank Sheinkopf, one of the big political fixers in NY politics; marries her after four years; starts kanoodling with his current girlfriend (although he insists they were "just friends") while she becomes BFFs with his wife; the marriage is over within 1.5 years; in the process, gets his girlfriend continuously higher-profile positions with greater pay, almost doubling her salary within two years.

For anyone who needs to examine the hypocrisy and arrogance that drips off of this phony, just read his City & State "Rising Stars: 40 under 40" profile from 2008:

Austin Shafran
Director of Political and Governmental Affairs, Sheinkopf Communications
Age: 27
Karaoke Song: “American Pie,” by Don McLean

With a boss like the oft-quoted Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf, Austin Shafran is on the fast track to learning how to get his message heard in the city’s political arena.

Recently, he has been using that training to generate attention for efforts to get more federal funding for the city’s Housing Authority. The issue is deeply important to his clients in the labor movement, but Shafran said his own personal interest in it also drives him.

“I can go to sleep and think I did a little something to change it,” Shafran said.

He said his advocacy as a political consultant is an extension of what he did as a legislative aide to Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Queens) and director of communications for Council Member David Weprin (D-Queens).

Only a year into his consulting position at Sheinkopf Communications, Shafran is becoming his own brand as a political commentator for News 12 and a columnist at the Queens Courier.

With a background in the public and private sector, Shafran said he can see his career progress in either world, “wherever I think I can help the most people.”

How did your past jobs get you to where you are now? “The combativeness of City Hall prepared me for the life of a political consultant.”

If you were not working in politics, what would you be doing? “Definitely playing for the Yankees.”

Five years from now, what is it going to say on your business card? “The most important thing: my name.”

Anonymous said...

Austin's election strategy: Hey, at least I'm not a pagan.

Anonymous said...

He should move to Boston, he's very Kennedyesque!

georgetheatheist said...

Shafran Jewish?

He got married in St. Patrick's?

Anonymous said...

Hey Krinsky is a ditzy girl that I would bang if she were to separate from Shafran

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella a "home wrecker"...since when?
Call Tony what you want, you troll, but that can't be hung on him.

Speaking of hung...why not hang your head (or body) in shame...ass hole?

Anonymous said...

Rokasy is no "trophy bimbo" and can run intellectual circles around you! She is a wonderful person who is driven and hard-working.

What kind of person befriends someone and then starts dating their husband?! Don't even get me started with Shafran. I sincerely hope he doesn't win the city council seat.

Anonymous said...

What he did to his (ex) wife is for everyone to see. What is he doing behind the scenes - campaign promises, campaign finances? There's much more to this young, deceptive political.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4:

Slow day at County Headquarters?

Anonymous said...

Austin is a legend in his own mind...a self created slather of mediocrity...on a slice of stale rye bread.
Such is politics. It's not a real job.

Unless his dick is diamond studded platinum to match his oversized ego...WTF would anybody see in him?

He's some strange bedfellow...to say the least.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Politicus enormous:

An oversized ego is like a big hat on a small headed man.

It covers up you eyes so you can't see your real worth in the real world!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jerry Rotondi,

Yes I agree with you re~ Paul Graziano. I, accidentally, became friends with him without and before I knew he was at all involved in politics, and before he even mentioned to me he was considering running. We just happen to live near each other, all our lives.