Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Judge's wife abuses parking placard

From the Daily News:

For weeks, a green Honda Accord has been parked nearly every day on Queens Blvd. near 83rd Ave. in Kew Gardens in Queens, N.Y., neighbors say, but its driver never feeds the meter.
She never moves for alternate-side parking. And she never seems to get a ticket.

That’s because Ellen Raffaele — a mid-level Queens Board of Elections employee with deep ties to the borough’s Democratic machine — is improperly using the official parking placard issued to her husband, a judge.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Thomas Raffaele is entitled to a state-issued parking placard as a sitting jurist — but only if he’s using the car for official court business.

Letting his wife use the placard — which says “POLICE” beside the seal of the State of New York’s judicial branch — is a blatant abuse of the perk and one that infuriated people desperately seeking parking in the busy municipal district near the main Queens courthouse, borough hall and other city offices.


Anonymous said...

Nice shaming!

Anonymous said...

They should build a bonfire with all the placards I see in this city. I have to look for or pay for parking, so should they. (whoever they are)

Anonymous said...

Typical - he parks for free at the court house so he doesn't even need the pass - so he gives it to his hack wife so she can park for free. Cheapskates.....

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of power is breathtaking.
We saw the same when watching the hearings about the scandals in DC. The people giving the testimony showed contempt for the people's representatives that were questioning them.

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

Anonymous said...

No one is above the law and placards shouldn’t even exist in the first place, why someone should have more rights than the rest of the people, it defeats the whole meaning and purpose of democracy and this country is based on that very principle.

We have come a long way and lost many lives fighting for this inherent concept just to lose it by allowing these things to happen.

Anonymous said...

If the car is still there let's burn it