Thursday, June 13, 2013

Too much info!

From the Daily News:

Is this the mayor’s race? Or the Oprah Winfrey show?

On Monday, Democrat Bill de Blasio shared intimate details of his life, releasing a campaign ad in which he revealed that his troubled childhood and father’s alcoholism led him to doubt that he’d ever have a committed relationship.

The disclosures followed City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s revelations that as a young woman she suffered from alcoholism and an eating disorder.

Anthony Weiner has discussed the state of his marriage in interviews apologizing for the sexting scandal that forced him to resign from Congress two years ago.

The confessionals might seem like cries for help — but what the candidates really are seeking is love from voters, political analysts said Monday.

“No one knows them. This is how they introduce themselves to a disinterested public,” said Christina Greer, an assistant political science professor at Fordham University.


Jerry Rotondi said...

I don't know about anyone else, but as a voter I'm not interested in any candidate's intimate details about their past--sordid or otherwise.

We've all had a past.
How well are you fit to properly represent me in the halls of government?

Prove your worth to handle a job, then f--k off 'til November! TMI!

I don't buy sympathy pleas, only credibility and past performance.

Bye, bye, Bill.--nice try at tear jerking--whatever!

Anonymous said...

Anything for attention, little babies they are.

Anonymous said...

They are airing all of their garbage now so that the media can't dig it up later.....

Anonymous said...

We're living in a "Jersey Shore" world, Jerry. Name recognition, name recognition...

Anonymous said...

Everything about de Blasio is pathetic, except his ideology, that's dangerous

Anonymous said...

a mere Working Families Party puppet.
strange how Working Families Party doesn't pay it's employees minimum wage or benefits.

Anonymous said...

He's very tall.

Anonymous said...

You all do realize we are doomed..

georgetheatheist said...

Bill DiBlasio. AC/DC?

Anonymous said...'s always the doom and gloom scenario, that issues forth from the mouth of malcontents.

Wasn't the world supposed to end on 3 different dates last year?

With the kind of attitude that you are's already gone...and this is all taking place in dream.

Uh...make some sort of effort to improve things, fella.

Anonymous said...

Its looking more like the old Jerry Springer show!

Oprah runs a better act.