Monday, June 24, 2013

Proposal to move 5 Pointz to MOMA PS1

WPIX has the story.


Jerry Rotondi said...

I speak from long experience--of what it took to build "5 Pointz"--to the amazing world attraction that it is today.

Although I hail from northeastern Queens, I've been involved with this site for about 20 years--as a volunteer, mentor, advisor, financial supporter.
I have served on the board of directors of "Phun Phactory", which preceded "5 Pointz".

This type of "great idea"--put forth by (perhaps) a well meaning loner, who's mugging for a WPIX camera--is most typical of these "save" movements.
I question this ambassador of compromise's "win-win" situation motives. This IS NOT a case of 1/2 a glass of water is better than none!

You save it all or it goes with dignity!

In my opinion, trying to co-opt or incorporate a mere fragment of "5 Pointz"--to benefit a rather so-so museum like "PS 1"--is not an option.

"5 Pointz", as it stands, IS THE major tourist attraction and MONEY MAKER for LIC as well as NYC.

In reality,
"5 Pointz" gets more visitors than "PS 1"--LEAVE IT ALONE!

Do you want some proof?
Just stand outside, on a summer's day, and count off the number of visitors to "5 Pointz"-- then do some multiplication.

Transferring "5 Pointz" art to a wall controlled by the artistic tastes of whoever the executive director of "PS 1" happens to be for the day--is not a viable solution.

Here's an alternative suggestion. Let NYC offer a land swap deal to the Wolkoff family who owns the "5 Pointz" site, so it can ALL be saved.

The name "5 Pointz" happens to be a copyrighted name. It CANNOT be used by anyone else for their purpose.

Remember this--ANYONE who stands against saving the art masterpiece that "5 Pointz" is--will be remembered as accomplices in the murder of great art.

Choose your legacy carefully borough President Marshall--elected officials--Mayor Bloomberg!

How would you like to be remembered in the history books--friend or foe of "5 Pointz"--it's savior or its destroyer?

Let's all take a moment to examine the full value of "5 Pointz" to New York City and not rush blindly over a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Official city stance: Not in Manhattan, not my problem.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond Queens...beyond Manhattan...beyond New York City...beyond New Yprk State...beyond the United States!

5 Pointz is a recognized worldwide art site.
You've got a cognition problem, fella.

Anonymous said...

"5 Pointz" is a disgrace to the borough, and anyone who puts their "work" on there should be arrested.

Anonymous said...

Did you say MOMA PISS 1?
The art at 5 Pointz beats their exhibitions of "contemporary art", and it's offered free of charge.

5 Pointz is beyond contemporary. It's cutting edge!

Let the truth be known.
PS 1 is jealous of 5 Pointz's great appeal to tourists.
PS 1 never has supported 5 Pointz.

If 5 Pointz goes you'll see a drop in visitors to PS 1. They come to LIC for 5 Pointz and squeeze in PS 1 as an after visit.

Anonymous said...

What does cultural czar, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, have to say on retaining 5 Pointz as an outdoor ever changing art museum?

Anonymous said...

It's still just graffiti, to call it art, does a disservice to real art. It's ugly urban trash.

Anonymous said...

RU a dummy?
Graffiti is illegal vandalism.

This is legally sanctioned art.
Hey...snot nose...whether you personally like aerosol art or not doesn't matter.

In the rest of the intelligent world 5 Pointz is highly respected and recognized as an A-R-T mecca.

Now crawl back under your shady rock and finish your beer...Archie Bunker.

It's a damn good thing that the march of progress in this century doesn't depend upon ignorant assholes like yourself leading it.

Anonymous said...

What a dullard!

You sound like a piece of uneducated urban trash yourself, buddy...or am I speaking to Wolkoff's spoiled Harvard educated little brat, putzmeister David?

I'm glad you're not my neighbor, in either case.

Anonymous said...

I think that Peter Vallone Jr. is posting an anonymous hissy fit here.

Uh...may we remind whoever is posting...that ALL of the ART done at 5 done with permission.
Therefore NOBODY will be arrested...wheareas
you could be arrested for stupidity if such a statute existed on the books.

Now, park your butt on my thumb and ROTATE!

Anonymous said...

So you're an art expert...huh?
Major museums throughout the world recognize "aerosol art... as art.
LOL! but you know

There's one particular "graffiti" artist whose painting just sold for $1,000,000!
Doesn't that make you even more envious and dumber looking now?

Anonymous said...

This is beyond Queens...beyond Manhattan...beyond New York City...beyond New Yprk State...beyond the United States!

5 Pointz is a recognized worldwide art site.
You've got a cognition problem, fella.
On the contrary, FELLA. I'm just keeping the fight focused and grounded on its true battleground, not inexplicably expanding it to the far reaches of the globe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, trolls on queenscrap. What a shocker...

Anonymous said...

But the 5 Pointissue has reached the "far reaches of the globe"...and if you weren't such an insular Queens farmer would be aware of that.

The international art world will help win this fight...not the jerk wads like Queens Burro hall, Van Bramer & Co. and the rest of the usual suspects.

Pull your head out of your rectum once in awhile, son, and smell the roses.

the office of the French ambassador has visited 5 Pointz attesting to its uniqueness in the world of art.

Many other such stories abound.

Anonymous said...

"Keeping the fight on its true battleground" ?

So, we should put our trust in Queens' quislings to be soldiers on the front lines?

You're daft, man or need a new optical prescription.
Do you ever learn from past mistakes?

Maybe the Greater Astoria Historical Society will attend tomorrow's meeting at borough hall to defend 5 Pointz? It starts at 10:30 AM if you're at all interested.

There ya go...though I doubt it very much!

Jerry Rotondi said...

My dear fellow--
"5 Pointz's" IMPORTANCE is also in the far reaches of the globe. I think you're missing the point here, old sport.


Therefore, it would be a great pity for Queens' corrupt political system to become its gravediggers!

where does one find his local allies in this fight?
Perhaps, I can count on you to join in?

I've already telephoned Councilman Van Bramer's office yesterday morning to ask for a meeting to discuss the future of "5 Pointz".

I got a luke warm reception--but then--what the hell--who am I?

His chief of staff shunted me onto their "scheduler" who then informed me that their meeting schedule is booked up.

I suppose that the schedule will open up again after the BSA grants the property owner his zoning variance.

Thanx, Councilman Jimmy!
This great cultural issue is very important and I won't just take a number and stand in line.

Now, I'm going to write you a registered letter.
If you're reading Queens Crap--expect it soon!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Ooops--what a big mouth--
did I just burn my bridges with Van Bramer's office?

Not really!
Maybe I just gave them a shot of adrenalin.
After all, this is an election year.

I have learned, a very long time ago, to smell a runaround when I get one--from anyone.

If Councilman Van Bramer is not in the forefront, supporting a major cultural institution like "5 Pointz", then he's behind the scenes helping the undertakers to embalm it!

This is the bottom line with ALL politicians.
I'm not just singling out Van Bramer.

They are either with you or against you from the beginning--with no delay tactics thrown in.