Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grand Avenue concretions

Someone discharged concrete into the street on Grand Avenue in Maspeth in 2 locations. Here's the first one, near Hamilton Place.

And here's the second one, near 69th Street.

I wonder what DOT wants pedestrians to look for here. It's the drivers that have the responsibility to stop at the stop sign. It's the poorly maintained roadway that seems to need attention.


Anonymous said...

If pedestrians don't invoke their mother's advice and look both ways as they cross anywhere in NYC, they're dead. Spray painting LOOK in a crosswalk may be sending a skewed message, but that's the way it is.

On Thursday at 9:00 AM I saw a bike messenger get hit by a bus in a busy Manhattan intersection. And there were 2 cops directing traffic at that very same intersection. And, the light was red.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the creeping squalor and ignorant lawlessness of Queens.

Bit by bit it is getting the trappings of a third world country.

With every group catered to as a hyphen by the tweeders there is no incentive for community building.

Anonymous said...

"It's the drivers that have the responsibility to stop at the stop sign."

Famous last words.... Much like -
Hold my beer and watch this !

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, a driver can't NOT stop here because there is a light and a stop sign to turn right at the same intersection. I was standing at the triangle between them, and the crosswalk is across the turn lane.

Anonymous said...

Go south a bit on 69th street onto the overpass above the LIE. On 69th near the corner of the Queens Midtown Expy. (the service road) there is a sign that dictates the left lane must turn left. It is a smallish sign that most drivers do not see and that is the problem. There is no solid white line in the center of 69the and there is no left turn arrow painted in the lane.

I've seen many, many almost accidents here because drivers are not aware they must turn left when in the left lane. I've called council member Crowley's office to suggest they do something about this problem and received the typical bored response from her staff members.

I called the DOT and received the same uncaring response.

Of course when a horrific accident occurs on this corner Crowley will have a press conference and say she will get this problem fixed and the DOT will shrug their shoulders.

The smallish sign is already up all this corner needs is a couple of bucks worth of white paint to assure the safety of local drivers.

Anonymous said...

Could it be a driver annoyed at the protest the other day?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a concrete mixer truck or two was leaking.