Monday, June 17, 2013

City makes a mess of Jamaica

It is bad enough when Jamaica property owners do not clean up their own property and the city does not enforce the laws, especially with repeat offenders like below.
Major repeat offender. Vacant lot at 170-19 89th Ave. High weeds and garbage inside them.Major repeat offender. Vacant lot at 170-19 89th Ave. High weeds and garbage inside them.
Side of house at 168-22 89th Ave.Side of house at 168-22 89th Ave.
And really bad when the property owners are businesses in Downtown Jamaica (you know the “Diverse and Vibrant” slogan that the powers to  be  like to throw around in hyping Downtown Jamaica) and the City again does not enforce the laws and allows this to happen over and over, like all along the stores on 164th Street off of Jamaica Avenue.
In front of store at 89-31 164th St.In front of store at 89-31 164th St.
The stores along 164th Street. This was a mess on Saturday and now more garbage has been tossed into the mix.The stores along 164th Street. This mess actually sat here for about a month before being cleaned up.
The mess above sat for over a month, even though I reported it to DOS and , city officials and elected leaders. Alas that did not last too long as this exact same spot after finally being cleaned up looked like the below on June 15th when the Jamaica low life people got to it and again property owner is not held responsible and no did anything about this.
This spot in front of store along 164th street did not stay clean too long.This spot in front of store along 164th street did not stay clean too long.
All of this is bad enough but when the property is New York City owned such as the NYC Department of Transportation property at 92-33 168th St, then that says everything about our system. What makes it worse is this same situation happened last year and here is is happening all over again.
Although you cannot see it, there is much trash and litter in those high weeds on city property.Although you cannot see it, there is much trash and litter in those high weeds on city property.
This is just totally disgusting.This is just totally disgusting, what is this some low class Jamaica flea market.
So just how long is this city property going to look like this. I reported it several days ago, so let’s see. But the big question is why would the city allow their own property to look like this to begin with.

Damn, Jamaica needs a complete overhaul, a total clean-up of the city, major litter law enforcement against property owners (a huge one that would help eliminate much of this problem), toss out that certain element that is destroying and trashing all parts of Jamaica and then getting new leaders here who have the balls to stand up and do what is right for the community.

It is the same damn song over and over again with this community.

The powers to be say “Invest in Downtown Jamaica” and I know I would like to see a big overhaul of Downtown Jamaica, but  really, like why would people want to invest if nothing is changing to make it better, the place is a mess and no one is doing anything about it no matter what some of you say. Because if you were doing something about it, then I would not have photos like the ones above (and some of the same areas over and over again) and I would not be doing this for over 2 years. Something certainly is not right and someone is not doing their job, you are letting the undesirables take over.

So for those that want me to write about something positive on my blog, give me something positive because I have pretty much run out of the very little positive within this community.

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432


Anonymous said...

All is well and good, but dontcha think these Jamaica garbage features are beginning to hog the blog spot?
Nevertheless, I do hope it's helping the cause.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting those pictures Joe, shame these people, corrupt politicians and do nothings. Guess if you wish to live amidst this squalor and garbage you would sit there and do nothing. Thank you Joe for taking a stance, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

"All is well and good, but dontcha think these Jamaica garbage features are beginning to hog the blog spot?"

Yeah, but let's be honest: Joe is living where most of us wouldn't dare in the crappiest of the Queens crap. Pretty damn heroic that he even gives the issue a voice as a demographic minority. Target the stink at its worst, and maybe the borough has a chance.

Joe Moretti said...

How is this hogging the blog, it is not like there is only so much space on the blog and this blog is related to Queens crap and the fact that the one badly maintained property is NYC property is very noteworthy. But if it is tiresome for you to see on this site, imagine how tiresome it is for me to see in person every day. The situation in Jamaica is totally out of hand and deserves the coverage.

Anonymous said...

Could this mess be due to the fact that something like 80% of all MTA workers are from the Caribbean and they want Queens to look like where they came from? and don't forget the Indian & Pakistani MTA workers. They work as little as possible and don't care about NYC.

I used to be pro Union until I was treated really badly by many MTA employees. then read in the papers about the woman who was raped in the LIC subway station. The MTA workers refused to even call the police for her. bastards.

Anonymous said...

Go, Joe. Keep up the good work.
you are getting results.

don't play with the troll.

Anonymous said...

Joe is The Man
If he can't get it done, nobody can

Anonymous said...

How come Carlisle Towery of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation doesn't see this when he drives in from Westchester County every morning?

Anonymous said...

Eventually, even a hero becomes a fool when he keeps on fighting "the good fight" forever.

It's not easy, but I'd cut my loses and move away from this crap box nabe at one point.

Even an alchemist would agree that you can't turn shit into gold.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a troll, just a realist.

By all means, Joe, continue banging your head against a stone wall in the midst of a garbage dump if you think it's getting results.

OUCH !!! I've got a big headache just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gets it.
This neighborhood has been written off.

Overtures will be made by NYC to clean it up for a day or a week...but they won't be spending the tax dollars alloted for the privileged in northeast Queens to continue keeping this portion of Jamaica clean.

Its viewed by city government as the "dark continent".

Joe Moretti said...

I have not been fighting the "good fight" forever, just a short period of time. To the people who have made the comments such as "written off","bang your head against the wall", etc. it is this type of thinking that allows things to go to shit. So when things get tough, you just give up, is that it, you do not even try. That is called apathy my friend. Maybe there will come a time when I walk away, but for the time being, I have to at least try and give it a shot. That is eventually how change takes place. It is never easy. By the way, the people who are making such comments, do you even live in Jamaica? Those types of comments normally come from people who do absolutely nothing to make things better, they just sit on the side lines throwing out anonymous comments. One of the reasons our country is in the shape it is in, apathy.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

The MTA has absolutely nothing to do with these properties.

Anonymous said...

Good point Joe.

Keep at it - the little p*cks stealing our taxes howl every time you post.

Anonymous said...

I love you for what you're doing!

Give it your best shot, ,Joe.
But've got 5 rounds left before your revolver is empty.

NYC is waiting to hear the sound of that hammer striking an empty chamber. Afterwards, they will look the other way on the garbage problem.

Life sucks...don't it?

Joe Moretti said...

Anon says: "Give it your best shot, ,Joe.But've got 5 rounds left before your revolver is empty."


I use a MK46, which has a clip of 200, so I can go for awhile.