Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mr. Noguchi, meet Mr. Crap

From Brownstoner Queens, we find out that the finishing touches are being put on this 3-family baby across the street from the Noguchi Museum.

The post says that Gerald Caliendo is the architect, but someone else is taking credit for it.

It's Frank Lloyd Crap! Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

A bit of "Riker's Island Chic" for LIC.

Anonymous said...

Look at the house next to it - it might be a beautiful brick or wood building. But it's covered in shit aluminum or vinyl siding!

We need the Aesthetics Police in this borough!

Anonymous said...

Fitting after they were such a big tout for 'managed development' (is that like 'managed rape - I danno) that this is built across the street.

Old man Noguchi who hung out with some real edgy people in his day would have turned over in his grave.

But reality does have a way of intruding when his collection was baptized by the river during Sandy.

Not to worry, to keep their effort going Culture Czar Van Bramer sent some big money to blow dry the collection - plenty of struggling cultural groups in his district who crime is that they are for art and don't push for development will just have to get by - but not to worry as the Salvation Army gives out good bread for free.