Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Airport security catching 40 winks on the job

From CBS New York:

Protecting some of the world’s most strategically important sites in the New York area – including the airports, bridges and the new World Trade Center and memorial site – is a matter of vital concern and large sums of money.

But as CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported, a series of stunning security blunders at John F. Kennedy International Airport in particular is raising more questions about just how secure the sites are.

The private security firm that has a big contract with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is again getting the blame for the problems.

In March, a private security guard employed by the company, FJC security, was spotted fast asleep. The company is paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the Port Authority to help protect sensitive sites such as JFK.

And the trend was not an isolated incident, said former FJC Security Manager Stephen Jackson.

“I found several there sleeping — one female at night I photographed, but I found this gentleman there twice during broad daylight,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he shot video and took photos of two security guards ostensibly watching Jamaica Bay at Kennedy Airport, when a man managed to land his jet ski at JFK, and cross two active runways, without being stopped in August of last year.

“I was told: ‘Don’t show it to me. I don’t want to see it, because if I see it, I have to deal with it,” Jackson said.


Anonymous said...

America is getting too soft.

If this were a military post during wartime, the guard would be put before a firing squad.

(Sarcastically speaking, you dummies) it's been years since 9-11. We could use another WTC type hit.

Al Queda doesn't sleep!

Anonymous said...

Why are they hiring an independent security company in the first place? What is the role of the Port Authority PD? Shouldn't PAPD be providing "security?"

Anonymous said...

We need to tap the records of over 200 million innocent people, but let this cr@p happen.
All this stuff is a joke until they actually close the borders.
But the Dems love the idea of another 30 million voters that use our social services.

Unknown said...

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