Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunnysiders hoping for more restful nights

From WPIX:

Learning to live with noise is part of life in the city.

But some neighbors got out their camerasafter the noise kept them up late at night along the MTA’s East Side Access project in Sunnyside.

Hear what they heard in the video story.

The MTA got their message.

Yes, they'll "see what they can do." They just might as well buy some earplugs.


Anonymous said...

Without the mature trees,
Sunnyside Gardens is a grim workers' village built by the railroad...hardly class "A" housing from the get-go.

Gaining historic district status won't eliminate the LIRR train noise...rattle comes the 5:19!

C'mon folks...get real you pussies!

Anonymous said...

I had MetroNorth replacing an overpass by me on a 24-hour basis over five weekends ... comes with the territory ... they weren't gratuitous about it, just doing what what absolutely necessary ... live with it ...