Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pedro sent to the clink for 5 years

From CBS New York:

Former state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr., who pleaded guilty to tax fraud, was sentenced Friday to five years in prison.

Espada blew a kiss to supporters before deputy marshals took him out of courtroom. The once-influential politician was convicted previously in a separate case alleging he looted more than $500,000 from taxpayer-subsidized health clinics in the Bronx.

Espada founded and operated the Soundview Health Center for three decades until prosecutors accused him of turning the network into a personal ATM.

Prosecutors have said Espada spent some of the stolen funds on lobster dinners, the remodeling of his Westchester home, flowers for his wife and ponies for a grandchild’s birthday party.

Espada was apparently calm as he strutted into the courtroom on Friday, but that confidence was quickly erased as a judge handed the former Bronx State Senator five-years in jail. The sentence begins immediately, giving Espada no time to get his affairs in order.

Speaking before the sentence was handed down, Espada offered no signs of remorse.


Anonymous said...

May he, and that other crud "Monsterrat" who took money from the landlord lobby in June 2009 -Rot and die in misery.

Anonymous said...

You can't get lower than this thug.
Now what about his darling son?

Anonymous said...

One other crime, often overlooked in this disgusting mess, is that the money was stolen from people who rely on the Centers for their health care. As a community health center worker for over 20 years (in a well run and ethical center), I sse how badly people need health care and how much difference it can make it a family's or community's life. Stealing money is despicable. Stealing it from sick people is another level of disgusting.
Interestingly, Espada was known to everyone in health centers to be a thief for decades. Why did it take so long for it to become official?

Anonymous said...

where is Sondra Love and Gerry G. Love? his former co=defendant and her son.... put all his staffers in prison too. they committed fraud along side Pedro. Five years is nothing. When he gets out he will be a big hero to the rest of the Bronx scum

Jerry Rotondi said...

I'd like to see "granny" Shulman wearing an orange jumpsuit too, for the crimes she's committed against the borough of Queens--illegal lobbying for one.

Anonymous said...

When he gets out he will run again and get reelected. Thats the new proticol if you want run for office

Anonymous said...

Hey Pedro, pick a nice tattoo. Hope you get a friendly cell -mate.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you help GOP keep the Senate