Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Council aide owes DOB $38,000


Anonymous said...

That's OK.
See what the Vallone family owns in real estate.
any violations there Don Pietro?

Anonymous said...

"I can't even be with my grandchildren because of this"??? C'mon. This woman was living in a car before. . . Note the bluetooth hanging in her ear: money's not that bad, eh? Howard's aiding and abetting her milking this. Anyone notice who those cancelled checks are made out to? If Howard checked into this he'd find that the first time this went to court it was tossed because there was no proof of payment... I am a neighbor who has watched this play out, and it's just plain wrong.

Queens Crapper said...

That's funny, since I didn't mention the woman's plight in the headline. I pointed out the fact that the DOB has this council aide on the hook for $38,000.

You're a neighbor, how do you feel about that?

Anonymous said...

Crappy, this is Howard looking to up his ratings, and a woman looking for her moment in the world-press (hah!) My remark re. "grandchildren" refers to her comment in the video, not your headline - if that's what you mean viz. "plight". I ask again: can we get a close-up of those cancelled checks?

That $38,000 figure probably comes from ECB (NOT Dept of Buildings)default on the original violation; there is a meritorious defense on this but unless a person spends big bucks and hires an attorney to pursue an Article 78, these stick. The net result leads to fines so huge they lead to complete paralysis - but the City gets to sell the action to debt collectors; and the property goes in rem. Crappy, can you pay $38 thou? - this is essentially a whole year's income.

This is an area where the schools are teaching in "modular" clasrooms, where there's no parking... in the morning you see families crawling out of illegal cellar apartments, blinking in the sun... so understand I am as outraged as anyone else about illegal conversions, and have called in quite a few reports... This is a horse of a different color.

And that, Crappy, is how I feel about this.