Thursday, September 20, 2012

Liu's supporters dwindling and acting strange

From the NY Post:

John Liu’s support appears to be wearing thin.

A paltry gathering of six supporters held a press conference yesterday to denounce a federal investigation against the city comptroller and possible mayoral contender as an anti-Asian attack.

They promptly compared the Feds' investigation of Liu to the Holocaust and Watergate.


Anonymous said...

is liu still in protective custody in Asia ?

Anonymous said...

The party's over and the rats are deserting the sinking ship...lest THEY be dragged into the blossoming federal investigation.

Maybe it's time for you to consider doing the
proper British thing...Johnny, old man.

One graceful way of making a proper exit
is to place the army service revolver next to your temple.


Oops, much too messy even for a crook...
and there's no real need for that.

On second thought...
isn't your career in crime already over?

Jolly good show you FBI guys and gals...
better than New Scotland Yard!

Anonymous said...

Liu's face could use some photoshop correction
in this particular photo...
otherwise someone will insist that this portrayal represents a pictorial racial slur.

He looks like a "Terry and The Pirates" era
comic book villain.

Anonymous said...

I wonder...
will Liu continue to insist that he's still running
for mayor?

I think that his main concern now is running from
the law !

Anonymous said...

Acting strange?

His "supporters"
probably have a FBI probe up their asses too.

That might explain their behavior.

Anonymous said...

The year of the dragon has done Liu very little good!

And as the year drags on....LOL...
more crooked trees will fall in the forest.

"With money...a dragon.
Without money...a worm".

Liu is running out of $$$$ while his lawyers continue sending him invoices!

Anonymous said...

The little emperor is about to be de-throned!

Anonymous said...

Between his convicted criminal father and now the son...the Liu family is certainly paying for a lot of defense attorneys' luxury cruises.

Maybe cousin Tommy Huang will help them out.

Alice Liu Huang must have some "mad money"
stashed somewhere.

What is family for, anyway?

Anonymous said...

No wonder Gary Ackerman has decided to retire early.

He doesn't want to
get mixed up in all this Liu business.

Mr. Comptroller:
"Gary stopped taking my calls,
and we used to be such good friends".

Anonymous said...

Was Jimmy Meng one of the six supporters?

Anonymous said...

RU kidding?

Even a jock strap
wouldn't dare risk supporting Liu now.

His little chestnuts won't be pulled out of the fire.


future cellmate Bubba said...

I'm waitin' for ya in jail.

"I'm gonna get ya on a slow boat to China...
all to myself alone".

Anonymous said...

Shame on the New York Post!
That looks like a yellow cast on Liu's face.

You're a bunch of racists!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Cash said it best:
Liu's just a "...Dirty ol' egg suckin' dog"!

Anonymous said...

The Flushing Follies presents John Liu and Jimmy Meng in that long awaited production..."Jailhouse Rock".

Johnny Boy said...

20 years on prison food would make me stir-fry crazy.

Anonymous said...

Grace Meng must be having a fit reading all of this.

Anonymous said...

By Johnny.

Anonymous said...

And to think that Liu went to such great trouble
siring a son later in life...
just in time for his city council that he could appear like a nice trustworthy family guy.

Maybe he can return him for a refund.

Some of you out there
have even put forth the notion that Liu rented
little Joey from a Taiwanese orphanage.

That would be a relief.

Who'd want another bad seed from the Liu-Huang line around to continue the nefarious family business?

It's bad enough that Henry Huang is following
in his daddy Tommy's footsteps.

Anonymous said...

like da-da, like sonny-by.

Anonymous said...

On second thought...
isn't your career in crime already over?

Leave John Liu alone already!!! Don't you know that he's trying to become a cultural icon? Under the name Psycho he's introducing his new song and dance craze called "Kondom style"???

Anonymous said...

Liu is cooked to a turn.

What financial firm would hire him now?
His former employer Price Waterhouse Coopers won't have him back. He's a pariah now!

The little bean-counter financial actuary has been leveled by the great actuarial table of greed.

After all...a comptroller who can't even control his own campaign is a disgrace and very bad for business.

Maybe he can work for his cousin Tommy Huang's son Henry pouring concrete.

Nope...Johnny boy is far too candy assed to do that kind of work.

Get back to Taiwan before the feds subpoena you.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a definite yellow appearance
to Liu's face in this character-like shot of him.

Was it just some bad ink mixing...or a deliberate comment by the Post's publisher...perhaps harkening back the old "yellow peril" stereotype of the Chinese that existed in America
back in the old days?

In any case, the news editor chose to use
this particular photo.


Is this yet another example of their
yellow journalism?

Anonymous said...

You'll be seeing a lot of silent Liu supporters.
They have already dummied up to the FBI.

Who wants to wind up in a dish of chop suey?

The tongs, like the mafia, won't tolerate stoolies.

Anonymous said...

#12 are you hinting that Bubba( presently co-president) and the Arkansas 1990 Charlie Trie Asian bundler gang, are connected to the alleged John Liu F.B.I. probe?

those 90 asians refused to talk to the F.B.I. and all left the U.S. ,pronto.

one asian 1990 bundler (banned from U.S.) recently snuck in to donate to the Clinton Global Foundation.
the State Dept. and Homeland sec. agy. somehow missed him ?

Anonymous said...

If the Asiatic triads are involved
(which they probably are)
and Liu spills his guts to the FBI in exchange
for shorter jail time...they'll spill his guts.

Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting.

Famed columnist Jimmy Breslin once chastised a
New York Times reporter for her twisted fabrication
of a news story interview.
I believe the reporter's name was Jane Lli.

In her published article, she attempted to claim that
then council member Julia Harrison was anti Asian...
which she definitely was not.
Harrison was obviously set up and her comments were published completely out of context.

This was the work of the Chinese cabal who wanted John Liu to beat her in the upcoming election.

The Stavisky camp
was definitely in cahoots with them.

Harrison wound up trouncing Liu by taking
69 % of the vote...despite the pseudo scandal that her political enemies yoked her with!

I believe that Breslin afterwards referred to that NYT "reporter" as,"...a lying yellow cur...", in his article.
In that context it was "yellow" meaning coward!

What goes around eventually comes around.

Have a nice day...LOL...Mr. Comptroller.
Now it's your turn in the barrel, so grease up
the bung hole.

Anonymous said...

i may get the last laugh yet . after challenging then Cm. Liu at a public meeting, years ago , i was informed three weeks later that S.S.I. in Flushing (predominantly Asian officials) that my monthly payment amount would be reduced. it seems that)IN THE 1970's) they had calculated it incorrectly.

unknown to them ,i had preserved all of my income documents and tax returns.the year at error was my most successful sales year and i had contributed the maximum to S.S.I.

At S.S.I in Flushing, the clerk, ,after consulting with superiors twice behind a black -glass office insisted they were right.

'at that point i charged towards the office to confront the superiors, but was stopped by security. at that point my case was dismissed and my payments remained the same.

a co-incidence ? or retribution ?

The Surge said...

Can't wait for this Communist scum to be voted out of office.