Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rest in peace, baby deer

From Bayside Patch:

A baby deer died Wednesday morning as it attempted to escape from a playground at Bayside High School in which it became trapped, police said.

The buck had found its way onto the fenced-in area after a gate had been left open, police at the scene said. It died as it attempted to escape.

"It was banging itself against the fence repeatedly," an officer at the scene said.

Joan Tennenbaum, who lives near the school off 208th Street, said her daughter, a schoolteacher, first spotted the deer around 9 a.m.

"She said it was jumping around in the air and hurting himself," she said. "There was blood all over the ground."

Tennenbaum said she believed the animal did not likely live nearby.

"Someone probably caught him and brought him down from upstate," she said.

Animal Care and Control officers removed the deer's body from the scene around 10:15 a.m.

A reader pointed out to me that the "reporters" at Gothamist (who have banned the Crapper from commenting even though I passed along countless story tips because I had the audacity to criticize their coverage of bike lanes) thought what happened to this animal was hilarious. Which makes me even prouder to have been banned by them...


Anonymous said...

Poor thing. I hope he was just lost and someone didn't actually capture him to lead him to his death.

P.S. Gothamist also loved the antics of OWS. They're tards.

Anonymous said...

"Someone probably caught him and brought him down from upstate,"

I seriously doubt this. First, catching a deer is quite difficult and transporting a wild animal over 100 miles is next to impossible if it is not drugged.

Second, I have seen whitetail deer along the Cross Island Parkway near Alley Pond Park more than once. Deer will travel the greenways, parkways and backyards from Long Island to Queens with very little to stop them.

Also, a close examination of the deer carcass shows that it has already shed it's reddish summer coat and is wearing a brown one meaning that this was not a baby and fawns usually stay with their mother for about a year. Many people believe that deer are BIG but in reality they are quite small. In many cases young does are the size of large dog.

Keep your eyes open! Where there is one there are usually more.

Anonymous said...

Gothamist banned you for criticizing their coverage of bike lanes? Holy crap what fucking hypocrites! I asked them once to remove some derogatory comments about me and they told me to go jump in a lake because they support "freedom of expression" so long as it wasn't violent.

Anonymous said...

Gothamist probably banned crappy's comments because crappy sometimes censors comments on this blog.
I wonder if this comment will even get published.
The Gothamist ban is only symbolic anyway, you can comment under any name.

Queens Crapper said...

Nope. You have to sign into their site with a username and password in order to comment and they not only blocked my username from commenting, but they also blocked my IP.

Must have touched a big nerve to receive that kind of treatment considering the types of comments they allow to be published.

Other bloggers have told me they are very sensitive to criticism.

I may not publish every comment, but I don't block people.