Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greenpoint bursting at the seams

From The Brooklyn Paper:

A Greenpoint businessman wants to turn his pool hall into an eight-story apartment building — but neighbors say the still-sleepy area can’t accommodate the hundreds of new residents a development that size will attract. 

Building owner Paul Pullo is trying to convince the city to change zoning rules so he can build a 140-unit complex with a 90-car parking lot and retail space at McGuinness Boulevard and Calyer Street.

The proposed apartments will cater to couples and young families — and bring much-needed below-market-rate housing to the gas station-and-warehouse-dotted area, he said. But neighbors fear the planned building will crowd nearby streets, subway stations and schools. 

Neighbor Joanna Nowakowski said PS 34 and the Greenpoint Avenue subway station might not be able to handle all those new residents. 

The G train is already only four cars long — and it’s normally full,” she said. “[The project] affects a lot of things.” 

She added construction could crack century-old buildings behind the building and bring too much car traffic to surrounding streets.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the local Slavic mafia
can "convince" Paul Pullo to change his mind.

Anonymous said...

This article is inaccurate, in that the area already has new, smallish residential buildings and loft-space. A new development would just be a pickle slice on what's already a Dagwood-style shit sandwich. Drive down McGuiness and you lose count of the new buildings of all shapes and sizes. They will keep building until they hit the remediation zones around Newtown Creek.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Anon No. 2:

The way some of these guys operate leads me to think that they won't stop there. If they can put up luxury housing (at least allegedly luxury housing) across the street from the railroad yards, what's going to stop them?

Anonymous said...

greenpoint in a lot of ways has changed for the worse ; some for the better but a lot for the worse. a lot of the hipster 'kids' in those thrift stores give natives a nasty look and what not. thinking theyre more 'punk rock' than thou it's just really corny.

that area hasnt been the same for some time

Anonymous said...

I agree George...the hipsters are to blame!

They don't put down any real roots.
They are just a bunch of fickle transients
who are , momentarily, earning high wages.