Monday, September 24, 2012

DOB illegal conversion enforcement hasn't improved

From the Daily News:

The Bloomberg administration’s pledge to crack down on deadly firetraps throughout New York has faltered, a new report reveals.

The crackdown began after two fires in April and May of 2011 killed a total of five people living in illegal apartments.

The Daily News detailed shortfalls in the way the city deals with the more than 20,000 illegal conversion complaints that roll in each year, including a decreasing ability for inspectors to even get into suspected illegal dwellings.

At the time, Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged that “not enough” was being done to tackle the problem and outlined plans to fix that, saying more apartments would be inspected more aggressively. But when the city released its annual report card on city services last week, statistics released by the Buildings Department showed that very little has changed.

Inspectors gained access to suspected illegal conversions less than half the time — a rate similar to that of previous years.

But they made more money.


Anonymous said...

and even when the inspector reports the violation, the E.C.B or D.O.B. eventually dismisses the FINE, especially if the property owner has donated to the local D.I.N.O. politician.

this is all documented on the except the campaign donations have to be compared with the B.O. Election's campaign donor list.

Anonymous said...

DOB...the department of bribes!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Mayor Bloomberg admits that enough hasn't been done here, but he is opening up more bicycle paths.

Anonymous said...

We discussed this at our Local Area Community Board meeting - a Fire Dep't rep told us if we want action call FDNY - in the wake of tragedies Dep't policy is to stay at the reported building UNTIL DoB arrives; FDNY can access, as opposed to DoBs ineffective "mail and mail" procedures. FDNY can also push vacates.

Anonymous said...

It's all good until like the 80th street home yesterday had a fire in the basement with 8 transitional occupants. No damage, no injuries fortunately, but think of what could have been deadly otherwise. Is it shutdown by the fire Marshal or DOB - NO!

Anonymous said...

80th St? in what neighborhood? Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, East Elmhurst,Middle Village, Glendale,etc

Survey Said!

Anonymous said...

If there were a big fire on 52nd Drive bet. 73rd & 74th St. in Maspeth, hundreds could be killed!