Friday, September 21, 2012

Idling MTA vehicles costing us plenty

From AM-NY:

MTA employees waste about $800,000 each year by illegally leaving their work vehicles idling while on the job, according to a report released Wednesday.

Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North workers driving highway vehicles kept them running while they were parked for a combined total of more than 20,000 hours each month, the MTA's Inspector General found.

In one incident, investigators found that two trucks in Forest Hills had idled for a combined 25 hours over one weekend.

New York drivers are prohibited from leaving their cars unnecessarily running for more than five minutes.


Anonymous said...

Diesel engines use very little fuel when idleing. Speaking of station sq. how about repairing those pavers,driving through there is like the surface of the moon.Oh yeh the lights under those structures that connect the buildings have been out for years.......very unsafe!

Anonymous said...

That's to keep the interior cool in the summer
and heated in the winter...while the guy sitting in the cab of the vehicle just sits there...while he's being PAID for doing NOTHING!

"Pass me a brewskie from the six pack cooler bro".

Anonymous said...

but they will never get ticketed because the union PD wont hassle the other union workers.

Anonymous said...

Those cobblestones are picturesque.
Anyway...Forest Hills Gardens streets are private.

Slow down and you won't get bumped.
This isn't a speedway...bub!

Joe said...

The trains idling in the places like yards on Atlantic Avenue pollute much more. You can smell some of the idling trains in the playground on Atlantic and 124 st. I reported these to 311 and LIRR last year. Of course nothing changed.

Anonymous said...

Every bit of carbon emission adds up...
so we are not keeping score as to which is the worst.
It's all bad as far as we're concerned..

Actually refining Ethynol puts more pollution in the atmosphere than burning fossil fuels...
and that's a fact you can check out for yourselves... instead of further polluting the air with ignorance!

Rick said...

I thought the idling law specified three minutes, not five?

Anonymous said...

Slow down? I'm doing about 5mph,any slower and i won't be moving.Yes,they are private,guess i'll contact them via registered mail so i can sue for damages knowing they were notified and didnt correct the condition.

Anonymous said...

Great example of public vs private sector.

In the public sector there is no incentive to reduce waste. It's not their money, so who cares.

In the private sector, waste will get you fired. Even better if the employee has company stock, it incentives them to reduce waste.

Anonymous said...

but they will never get ticketed because the union PD wont hassle the other union workers.
Trust me, there is no "unon solidarity" between the PBA and other union workers. Even if there were, that wouldn't stop te traffic agents from writing these trucks. Look at all the teamster-driven UPS package cars they write every day.