Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brokers want Astoria rezoned

From The Real Deal:

Brokers said that nearly every inch of available land in Astoria has been developed for residential use. The problem for developers, they say, is that there isn’t that much land — at least in desirable locations near the subway — left to buy. Some sources that we talked to argued that the city needs to step in and rezone the area in order to deal with the issue because Astoria is losing buyers to rival neighborhoods.


Civics Speak Out said...

Actually, we support the rezoning of Astoria while we downzone the other 90% of Queens.

We will not bother giving the poor snuks in that part of town any heads up, advice, or help.


Your friends in Eastern Queens.

Democratic Dictionery said...


2 story buildings zoned for 8 stories being replaced by 7 story buildings zoned for 6 stories.

Anonymous said...

This is garbage.

Weak power grid, closed hospitals, clogged streets, out of control cafe scene, shabby run down buildings with a skyrocketing absentee landlord ownership, shoddy new buildings run by politically connected speculators, newbies without a long term investment in the community, schools far beyond capacity, shopping reduced to third world or ghetto stores, overburdened sewers that make a good chunk of the community smell like a toilet, inadequate sanitation pickup

yes yes yes

the one thing we really need, the most important thing in this toxic brew is .... the need for more people!


Anonymous said...

Little backwards and half assed most of us think.

You start with a community's needs, then ajust the community zoning to fit what a community can sustain.

That is not happening here. Here the needs of developers (and dare we say, campaign donors) takes precedence.

Astoria is already at the point of collapse - as the power grid showed us a few years ago.

Why does Vallone complain about inept managment of Con Ed, and more power plants, then goes out and adds to the population? That is bullshit in my book.

Astoria doesn't need more traffic, more lines in the ER, more students, more sanitation, more delays in the subway.

None of this is being discussed - only the pressing need (as Vallone and City Planning says) for 'planned growth' (translation in plain English: a 9 story building in your back yard).

Who the hell said this is the most important thing?

We need to take care of the voters and taxpayers living in our community, not the speculators and transients that this design will bring in.

Our services are already totally unacceptable - inadequate.

We have seen what City Planning did to LIC and Dutch Kills. They destroyed fine communities. The locals are being pushed out.

This will happen to Astoria. We are next next.

Thank you Peter.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in and never moved from astoria. I have loved this area through the bad times and the good...

but times are now ridiculous.

me and my girl make a combined income into the 6 figures, have no children, and are considering very heavily leaving the area. Even simple small houses are now closing in on a million dollars... who the fuck can afford to live here anymore? Unless you've inherited property, you're either going to rent forever and never get ahead, or have to leave.

With all these crappy new buildings, I gotta say I don't think I'll miss this place... it doesn't look like the quiet inexpensive neighborhood I grew up.

Anonymous said...

Only in New York would people bitch, moan, and whine about an upward real estate market. Here's a news flash-- the rest of the country is, has been, and will continue to be (once they re-elect Obama) in the shitter. Get over it, sell and move on.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is bitching or whining about an upward real estate market. What people are bitching about is taxing communities that are already taxed to the max. Filling up communities with more people than they can handle is not a good thing. Neither are cheap buildings that go up with pretty much absentee owners/landlords who are only looking for a quick buck regardless of the amount of people or the kind of people that tend to go into these types of apartment buildings. So what ends up happening is more trash/litter, low class people, increased noise, increase in crimes and then eventually a lowering of property values and well.....there goes the neighborhood.