Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jamaica craphole cleaned up

Finally the negligent owner of the empty lot located at 169-23 90th Ave (corner of 170th St/90th Ave) came out today and cleaned up the inside of the lot, cut down the weeds and cleaned up the garbage on the surrounding sidewalk and cut the weeds there. Photos are attached of what it looks like cleaned-up and what is has looked like many times in the past, including just this week.

My big question: Is it going to be another several months or a year before he comes out again to take care of property that is his and that he is responsible for taking care of on a regular bases as opposed to making it look like some shit hole garbage dump in the middle of a residential area. The other question: What are you going to do to see that he and others like him take care of their property on a regular weekly bases to clean-up the garbage that no doubt will accumulate due to some of the disgusting people who live here and come through here to toss their trash and to cut weeds that end up growing high and a good place to toss and hide garbage.

There are plenty of these types of properties around here including negligent apartment buildings and houses that the owners need to begin to be take care of and the only way that is going to happen is if they are constantly given violations and fines and they are held accountable for there lack of action to keep their properties clean and free of trash/litter. Damn all you need to do is just walk around or ride around Jamaica and you can see all of these types of places and areas that look like this constantly.

Again why must this go on time after time after time. The answer is because time after time after time very little happens to these property owners to make them held accountable. Well how about seeing that this happens instead of our community constantly looking like one big shit hole! As one person put it Jamaica is the South Bronx of Queens.

Maybe if leaders like Senator Shirley Huntley weren't too busy filling up her piggy bank with tax payers dollars, our Queens Borough President Helen Marshall wasn't spending a whole summer sunning herself in The Hamptons, others saying "that is two blocks out of my district" and some just waiting for their next photo op, this problem would not have gone on for so long without being addressed or finding some solution. Yes some of the residents are too blame right from the get go, but some of our leaders, past and present have allowed this to happen and to continue through laziness, ignorance, allowing shitty zoning laws to happen, turning a blind eye and just not looking out for the community's welfare.

Joe Moretti

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