Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Developers and big business will miss Mike

From the Wall Street Journal:

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office next year, the city's financial and real-estate leaders stand to lose an important advocate, and they worry they won't find a City Hall candidate whose world view matches the outgoing mayor's.

In Mr. Bloomberg, a billionaire in his third and final term, the city's business community could count on reliably pro-development policies that produced projects such as a new Brooklyn arena. The mayor has opposed City Council legislation seen as anti-business, such as a so-called living wage bill. And he has struck a tone as a defender of Wall Street culture, speaking up for Goldman Sachs, for instance, when it came under fire for an ethic of greed.

"There is no question people are concerned they are losing Mike Bloomberg. They understand who he is. They have tremendous respect for him," said Steve Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York. "We are going to have somebody new on Jan. 1, 2014, and, so, that troubles them."

As the 2013 mayoral race begins to take shape, some in the city are looking for "Bloomberg 2.0," said state Republican Party Chairman Edward Cox. But no candidate has emerged who possesses the mayor's mixture of money, respect and political skill.


Jerry Rorondi said...

I will not miss that arrogant runt!

Anonymous said...

That's only temporary.

If Chrissy Quinn (the developers' friend)
becomes our next mayor,
she'll beat Bloomberg's record in kissing their asses.

Google the info
regarding her political campaign donors.

The developers own that bitch!

Anonymous said...

Developers/Real Estate own ALL politicians. The turn over huge sums to both parties. This reminds me of a great definition from the NY Observer, describing a surgical procedure which may or may not be covered under Obamacare: analosculectemy: required when an a**-kisser get over-enthusiastic and becomes permanently attached...

Anonymous said...

History repeats itself: first as a tragedy and second as a farce.

We need a ham fisted moron in office that will try Bloomberg's stunts - in a collapsing world economy.

This cult of development ruining our communities will soon be but a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

Developers need not worry. Christine Quinn is Mike's puppet. He will pay her to do what he wants, so Mike will still rule New York when his term is up.

Anonymous said...

And which Queens candidate now running for a Senate seat is being bought by the real estate folks?

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg can take credit for destroying the character of Queens.

Anonymous said...

who else can ANY candidate turn to for money
but the real estate industry and its developers?

The solution is to establish uniform formats
for all political campaigns:

For example:
A limited number of radio, TV, internet spots...
following strict design templates...
will only be allowed so that they all look the same.

The government funds all campaigns...
with only a very modest capped amount of money.
NO outside donations will be permitted.

This way a candidate must run on his record
or experience ALONE!

There will be NO EDGE that a candidate can seek
by hiring savvy ad agencies.

Candidates get their campaign materials
put together by the official government civil service ad group...who sets the type and inserts their mug shot on posters.

BUT...that will never happen.
We'll be stuck with career shit
for our representatives until there is a second American revolution which will be even more doubtful to occur.

We are a nation of lazy sheep....
and content to own our I-phones...
tuned into mind dumbing nonsense all day.

The fall of ancient Rome was nothing
compared to ours which is pending.

We''re being conquered by our technology
not the Vandals or the visigoths.

As long as we are spoon fed media...
we will remain dependent infants.

Anonymous said...

You voters can take full credit for destroying Queens!