Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This could happen in Queens

From CBS New York:

The FAA said something like this happens a couple of times each year — airplane toilets can leak and at high altitudes the waste freezes and can and break off in chunks of what’s known as “blue ice.”

The FAA said it’s sending an inspector to Valley Stream and will check air traffic reports to determine what was overhead Sunday at 330 a.m. Then the agency will ask the airline to check for leaks.

It’s not easy to prove a specific airplane is responsible, and it’s not easy for homeowners to pay for repairs that could run into the thousands of dollars.

In February a house in Malverne was pelted with sludge believed to be “blue ice,” officials said.

The FAA later said it wasn't blue ice. So what caused the gaping holes in people's rooves?


Anonymous said...

The crap keeps coming from all over.

Bob Newhart said...

Tell them it was a giant eagle.

Anonymous said...

I hope their homeowners insurance covers it.

Anonymous said...

Thank god we have technology (high speed, high capacity aero-transport) to save us from...... nature?