Saturday, September 22, 2012

A flooding fix for Broad Channel?

From the Daily News:

Broad Channel residents, facing the annual barrage of autumn storms and floods, say the city is dragging its feet on a plan to repair vulnerable streets.

Residents of W. 12th Rd., where floodwaters have totaled cars and turned streets into canals, said they are still waiting the start of a $24 million project to elevate the roadway.

... it’s been two years since Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and others pledged funds to pay for the project, which will elevate the level of W. 11th, 12th and 13th roads by several inches.

Queens Transportation Commissioner Maura McCarthy is scheduled to attend a Broad Channel Civic Association meeting on Sept. 27 and unveil finalized plans for the project.

Under the so-called shared-streets concept, sidewalks and roads will be level. But homeowners will have to allow construction on their property.

Broad Channel is surrounded by Jamaica Bay, giving many residents breathtaking waterfront views. But the water has also proven a formidable enemy for property owners, who have seen streets sink several inches over the years. The end of W. 12th Rd. has essentially collapsed into the bay.


Anonymous said...

Why should taxpayers fix this? Give the people there vouchers for their worthless property and let them move inland. There is no reason for Broad Channel residents to siphon money out of the public trust. The area is doomed. Better to move now than after the big one hits.

Anonymous said...

Right on poster #1!

Government (us taxpayers) should not have to be responsible for a homeowner's mistake.

Buyer beware...or take your lumps later!

The same holds true for Fire Island
and all other waterfront or below sea level sites.!

Anonymous said...

Let nature reclaim Broad Channel. It was a mistake on the city's part to allow this area to be developed in the first place.