Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mayor's ex-secretary now protecting Silver

From the NY Times:

It did not take Stu Loeser long to find a high-profile client.

Mr. Loeser, who stepped down last month after six and a half years as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s press secretary, has been hired by Speaker Sheldon Silver to help navigate a sexual harassment scandal engulfing the State Assembly.

Mr. Loeser will not be paid with government money, though it was not immediately clear whether he would be paid by Mr. Silver’s campaign or from central Assembly Democratic campaign accounts. He will work closely with Mr. Silver’s main political consultant, Jonathan Rosen.

Since leaving the mayor’s office, Mr. Loeser has set up his own media consulting and strategy business. He has long ties to Mr. Silver, a Manhattan Democrat. Mr. Loeser’s wife, Jessica, once ran Mr. Silver’s district office and is now a district leader in Mr. Silver’s Assembly district. Mr. Silver was also a witness at Mr. Loeser’s wedding.


Anonymous said...

Stu Loser - This guy is an arrogant piece of crap, And I say that with the utmost lack of respect for this perennial Bloomberg asswipe. I wish him nothing but misery with Sheldon. You see Sheldon now has someone next to him that is actually a lower form of the human species than himself, which is hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon and Stu, perfect together.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first two comments. How much respect can you have for a guy who wears a costume to work anyway?
Now can we get Lopez' goumada
off the planning commission and off the state payroll?
Why don't you lead the charge on this, Crapper?