Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drunken theater group scores a mint in public funds

Anyone ever wonder why $1 million in city funds is being given to one theater group? Their upcoming show is described as "a loud, dark, drunken live performance...part choreography and part exercise, while drinking alcohol. Much alcohol."

WTF? city funds never paid for my drinks!

- Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody in the theater group is somebody's political darling.

And why does Toby Ann Stavisky's friends at the North Flushing Senior Center get a whopping 1/2 million bucks in funding?

Those seniors that are supposed to be benefiting from this have to pay for their own lunches and road trips!

It's time to boot the state Senator.
Her family dynasty has been ruling since the 1950s!

Anonymous said...

It's a leftist agenda that is responsible for the moral decline of the " arts". why act suprised when an "artist" a few years ago received a 12,000 dollar federal grant for his crucifix dipped in urine display

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van Bramer gives large sums to a few big organizations that have many sources of money (Noguchi, Socrates, PS1) that also are shilling for development (sur-prise!)

Meanwhile small groups that do not toe the line or provide good photo ops are, like the community surrounding them, being systematically hollowed out.

Soon you will have culture in the hands of the corporate suit.

Anonymous said...

The Chocolate Factory is an amazing venue. There are few like it in all of New York City. It has put Queens on the map as part of the international performance community in a way that (to my knowledge) has never been done before. Theater producers from all over the globe visit The Chocolate Factory. (I know this since my work was supported by this organization in the past.)

This comment takes one aspect of one of the MANY projects that The Chocolate Factory has supported over the years and blows it out of proportion. This is a Queens non-profit with a long history of dedication to local artists and also to supporting local businesses in the community. As an artist who has lived and worked in Queens for over a decade, I am glad to hear that they are being strongly supported with public funds and I hope the funding continues.

Anonymous said...

. It has put Queens on the map as part of the international performance community in a way that (to my knowledge) has never been done before.
And this is significiant and beneficial to long time Queens I have lived here my entire life, and I was never aware that Queens suffered from any urgent need to be "put on the map".

Anonymous said...

Dear God, please spare us from all these outsider do-gooders who come to Queens from some midwestern nowhere land, and decide that we need to be put on the map!

Queens Crapper said...

Life was better when we weren't on anyone's map and when Manhattanites wouldn't dream of setting foot here for any reason but to attend the US Open and to get to the airport.

Anonymous said...

I just love it when hipsters
try to understand or comment on urban matters.

These transplanted mid westerners have little experience beyond milking cows in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

The Chocolate Factory?

LOL! Gimmie a break!

It's hardly a blip on the cultural radar.

Anonymous said...

Previous poster: Jimmy Van Bramer doesn't think so.

He has funded them generously - much to the wonderment of the larger community...

Rumors, which may only be scuttlebut, claims they went to Europe several times this year and have a new kitchen.

But this is minor stuff compared to the way a few other favored institutions, wallowing in Jimmy's funds, burn through cash.

Not bad while local nonprofits that actually serve the community either go out of business or is eating out of garbage cans.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy "no braine"r is one crafty son of a bitch.

Propose that the Steinway Mansion be turned into a gay studies facility and he'll push Vallone to encourage NYC to buy it!

Joe said...

Have no fear these Yahoo's will be ripped off and rifle through that million dollars in no time.

I recently attended a couple events in Greenpoint and Bushwick
It cracks me up how all these self titled "musicians" and "artists" attend each others events patting each other on the back "the hip thing to do" ....Meanwhile they all know they all suck, nobody’s is going to buy there crap.
90% of these assholes cant even tune there guitars, sing intonated let write material worthy of being published and placed in a catalog.

Unless these useless go back to milking cows you’re looking at a future population of Queens homeless welfare recipients. (or should I say democrat voters for life)