Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYPD still fudging stats

From the NY Times:

On a Friday night two years ago, a 17-year-old fired a pistol at a group of young men on the street near Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx; two were struck in the leg.

Nearby, Amanda Dominguez, 14, and her older half-sister, Jazmin Rodriguez, were chatting away when the shots rang out. Each suddenly felt a sharp sting.

Jazmin looked down at a hole in her cargo shorts and saw blood. She picked a sliver of metal from her wound, but dropped it, she would later recall. Her sister, Amanda, felt a burn along her shoulder, which a hospital nurse later told her was a graze wound, she said.

But the New York Police Department concluded that both women had merely received scrapes while fleeing the shooting, and did not count them as crime victims.

In recent years, the integrity of the Police Department’s crime statistics has been questioned as accounts emerge by officers who say they are being pressured by their bosses to reduce the number of felony incidents reported.

The issue is particularly sensitive for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, who have overseen a significant decline in serious felony crimes throughout their tenure.


Anonymous said...

THe NYPD is top heavy. Kelly and the upper brass have been in power for over 10 years. They have become too comfprtable in their positions and are eroding the entire department with their complacency. Their only goals now are to stay in power and to perpetuate the myth that they are keeping crime down. For the good of the city and the NYPD, it is time for them and Bloomberg to go.

Anonymous said...

This is the downside of compstat.You will never know the truth.How can you have less crime with less cops p patrol,especially new inexperienced cops?

Anonymous said...

There oughta be a law...!

Anonymous said...


Those f-----s are slathering a thick layer
of peanut butter all over the facts
in order to hide the truth!

Anonymous said...

There oghta be a mayoral impeachment!