Friday, September 21, 2012

Day care fraud charged

From NY1:

The owners of several day care centers in Queens are accused of defrauding the Department of Education out of more than $35,000.

A report released by the Special Commissioner of Investigation found that the owners registered at least 12 children who did not attend their programs and submitted false attendance forms and invoices to receive payment.

Commissioner Richard Condon is recommending that the DOE stop doing business with Nareesa and Saied Mohammed.

They own Nareesa's Day Care and The Beanstalk Day Care in Richmond Hill.

The findings were referred to the Queens District Attorney.


Anonymous said...

Since when does a private residential house become a child care center? This is outrageous! When will the city enforce it's zoning laws? This has gotten way out of control over the last decade. Same goes for so-called houses of worship.

Anonymous said...

why is the nyc taxpayer giving $$$$$ to private day care centers for watching tots for parents who work ?

isn't the cost of care paid by the parent ?

Anonymous said...

Are we allowed to say that a pair of con artists named for The Prophet are making quite a profit?

They are an insult to Islam.
Children are to be treasured and protected.

Anonymous said...

It's called Universal Pre-K, where even a religious pre-k can get public reimbursements.

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants know how to scam the system. welfare is paying for the child care. they are working with someone of their nationality at the local welfare office.

deport them. I agree with the poster. In heavy illegal immigrant areas like Jackson Heights, Crown Heights one family homes are being turned into commercial enterprises. What happened to zoning laws? that doesn't apply to illegal immigrants because the law doesn't apply to them. deport these people back to Pakistan

Anonymous said...

scamming the nys taxpayers by the Educationall/Political/Union /Complex has been escalating for decades. eg. :

from the NY POST ,Sat,9/22/12 "STOP MEDICAID OVERPAY : FEDS."..Albany--

"A congressional panel-fresh from discovering that NEW YORK"S centers for the developing disabled cost MEDICAID about $1.9 MILLION A YEAR PER PATIENT - is calling for an end to federal overpayments that have totaled $15 BILLION since 1990.

And NEW YORK officials , while disputing the numbers , agree that it IS TIME TO CHANGE THE DECADES-OLD REIMBURSEMENT RATES."

it has been reported on Q.C. by commenters that the special education cost for the handicapped /disabled programs P.S.993, attached to public schools was costing $64,000 in 2007 (per yr./per pupil), and is possibly $98,000 in 2012.

is the $1.9million number real ?what the hell is going on. where is that taxpayer $$$$$$ being hi-jacked to ?

Anonymous said...

First of all...the owners are from Trinidad...not India. They are good people who are GREEDY. I agree with all of the comments but the first punishment is living with themselves and secondly, dealing with consequences. They will not get what they deserve... by far.