Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crap on the basement floor...

From DNA Info:

When Simon Gouldstone moved into his new house on 68th Avenue and Juno Street in July, he had big plans for his basement, where he was going to build a music studio.

One month after he and his wife, Ashlee, moved into their new home, a rainstorm changed everything. The storm, which caused massive flooding in Forest Hills and shut down area highways, caused the Gouldstone's sewer system to overflow, sending sewage up through their basement toilet, sink and shower and flooding the basement in 10 inches of flith.

"It's not what you expect during your first month of homeownership," said Gouldstone, who lost his wedding albums in the flood and will have to spend over $5,000 on repairs.

Gouldstone's house was not the only one to suffer sewage backup. Several homes along 68th Avenue flooded during two powerful storms in July, and as a result the residents, who fear flooding will only continue as the area's rainstorms intensify, are demanding the city take action to prevent further damage.

"For this to happen repeatedly, it's a health hazard," said Rochelle Goren, 72, who lives down the street from Gouldstone. Goren said that the city promised action after the area flooded during strong storms five years ago, but nothing has been done.

The DEP has taken steps to alleviate flooding in Forest Hills, installing new sewer systems in several parts of the neighborhood.

However, 68th Avenue was not included in the renovations, and Goren wants the city to make fixing their sewers a priority.

It's happening in Glendale, too.

But it can't be all the overdevelopment...


Joe said...

I don't know who did that basement install but it don't look right !
These days in Queens you need to put a macerater pump & basin into the floor with check valve out to the street .
I already had a very close call in Ridgewood with the basement bathroom with rainwater, ---and that was enough.
Anybody in Brooklyn or Queens relying on the city to maintain sewers is going to find a nasty surprise one day

Anonymous said...

It costs a few bucks but a "check valve" properly installed prevents the water from flowing back into the basement from the sewer. It only lets the water flow one way.

Anonymous said...

I believe that having toilets in the basement
is a code violation.

What just happened is the reason why.
Water seeks its own level and so does crap!

Anonymous said...

Whatever floats your boat!

Anonymous said...

check to see that your pipes are connected to the city sewers. some 40's and older houses have cess pools in the front yards.

Anonymous said...

"Ha, ha, ha...you and me...
little brown turd how I love thee".

Anonymous said...

years because of the unions, more money no production.