Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vacate orders don't apply to animals

From Eyewitness News:

It was once was a thriving business where kids rode horses and named this fella "Rusty". But, the stables have fallen into disrepair. Rusty's owner, Buster Marengo, has fallen behind on property tax payments and neighbors say rarely comes here to feed the animals. The Department of Buildings tells Eyewitness News it issued Marengo an order to vacate last November. "A person couldn't live in here, but a majestic animal like a horse can, that is not acceptable," said Brian Shapiro, Humane Society. It's why this group created the "Save the Rusty Campaign" with Senator Jeff Klein taking the reins. Two weeks ago, animal control officers dropped by and though they felt Rusty was thin, didn't feel he was being mistreated Klein says the way the law stands now, one he wants changed, the only way to get Rusty out of here, is if officers determined the horse was in immediate danger.

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